#AtoZChallenge Reflection!

I successfully completed the A To Z Blogging Challenge!  I’m still amazed I managed it (and am already planning for next year!  I really enjoyed the challenge I set for myself, to explore the concept of “Telling Tales,” in short posts.  I’ve written a handful of short stories through the years, but they have never been “my thing,” so it was really a challenge for me!

I loved the way that this challenge helped me connect with other bloggers — I participated in the Thursday evening twitter-chats (on my commute… which always made for an interesting time), and ended up guest-posting on two blogs!  I also ended up bringing in some guest posters.  This was my first time at this event, and I really look forward to continuing to visit the blogs and nurture the connections made during the month.

I learned that planning ahead is kind vital, as is writing ahead. I have to settle on what my theme for next year is going to be — but I have plans to try and write a bunch of the posts throughout the year so that April itself can be more dedicated to visiting other people’s blogs.

I also learned that, while it may seem like a fun idea to combine different events, it’s kind of crazy to do so.  Next year I wont run a Taliana event at the same time!

And finally, I learned just how awesome guest posters are!  I am already planning (and hoping) to start having some more regular guest posters (as well as doing some more guest posts on other blogs)

Eclectic Alli’s A to Z:

A – Artistry (part of Taliana’s Spring Adventure, and an Insecure Support Group Monthly Post!)

B – Burning! (part of Taliana’s Spring Adventure, Co-written with Sam).

C – Confusion and Caution (part of Taliana’s Spring Adventure).

D – Danger Lurking out of sight (part of Taliana’s Spring Adventure, Co-written with Raevenly).

E- The Cost of “E”

F – Farm Farewells

G – Gods of Faded Memory

H – Humanizing History

I – Imagination  (I wrote a review of Island of the Blue Dolphin as a guest post over at An Unconventional Librarian)

J – J the Squirrel, by Super Special guest poster, Josh.

K – Karen, a Holocaust memory.

L – Lotte, a Holocaust memory.

M – Menachem, a Holocaust memory.

N – Newlyweds: Mary and Elkanah Walker

O – Ocean Offerings

P – Silent P, by guest poster Tom

Q – Questing

R – Restricting Religious Interpretation (1500’s style)

S – Slugs Eat Anything That Is a Plant, by Super Special guest poster, Adel.

T – Time Slip, by guest poster Bohemian Nerd   (My post: Tittynope and Tetractys can be found on her page!)

U – Underwater Adventure in the Bathtub, by Super Special guest posters, Isabelle and Jenny.

V – Vacation

W – Writing, and other ways of telling tales.

X – Xander and the xoanon

Y – Being Yoder, by guest poster Rebecca.

Z – Zachary Zombie Hunter and his pet Zebra, star in “Catching some Z’s”

16 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge Reflection!

  1. Congratulations! It feels nice to make it. It’s a great idea to come up with a theme and try to get everything ready before April. I didn’t read everything, but I enjoyed what I did read. I especially liked your 6 year old guest blogger.


  2. Congrats on finishing. What’s a Taliana? I wrote all my posts ahead, and even started visiting about 2 wks ahead, but that seemed not to be time well spent, as very few of those visits were returned. Good luck with your writing.


    1. Taliana is the main character of a story-blog-hop I’ve been hosting. I invite people to write stories around a specific theme and them weave her through them. It’s fun, but a fair amount of work, and trying to combine it with A to Z proved a challenge!


  3. I’m glad you learned the value of guest posts! My guests were amazing & I’m thrilled I had them write for me. It adds perspective and relieves some of the workload.


  4. Great job! I think any time a blogger can finish the challenge and feel great about what they wrote, it’s a huge win! And I also loved your kid guest bloggers, J The Squirrel was my favorite. : )


  5. Just finding you now through your reflection. You did a lot of work to participate. I’m pleased for you that it was so successful. Visiting new blogs is a great adventure. I always learn something new. Thanks for your reflection.


  6. I think it is such an amazing experience! Perfect opportunity to either try new stuff -forms, genre, etc, or see how much one can explore and research a chosen subject. Amazing, loved it and happy to discover so many fantastic blogs (yours including 🙂 )


  7. Hello, I’m visiting from A-Z and found you through the reflections list.
    I read Farm Farewells and was touched by it. I will be back to read more of your posts.
    Congratulations on a job well done with the challenge!
    LyndaGrace http://www.lganhouraway.com
    ( Even though I have a wordpress account, I use blogger)


  8. Hello there.
    Well done for completing and surviving your first challenge!
    This was my second year taking part. One thing I took away from last year was preparation so I did pre-write my posts and thankfully Blogger allowed me to auto schedule them to post on the relevant days. This was a huge helper for me as I could not be online everyday and it ensured I kept my sanity during April! I even managed to visit more than 450+ blogs, including yours. The original signup list is so extensive, but at least I have until next year to shimmy my way through (lol).
    Thanks for reflecting.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess


    1. Yes, pre-writing and pre-scheduling was SO helpful to me this year — though I jumped on the boat kinda late in the game, so the amount of time I had TO pre-write was less. I’m looking forward to having a full yera to prepare this time around!


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