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Hello everyone! I’m sorry about last weekend, time just completely got away from me. My week schedule was a bit odd and it throw me off completely. I worked Monday, had Tuesday off, worked Wednesday, and then had Thursday and Friday off. Thursday was Thanksgiving, Mom and I had a small meal which was delicious – we ordered it from a friend who does catering so didn’t have to prepare any of the food ourselves, which was spectacular. I ended up spending the whole day relaxing, not thinking about anything that had to be done, and it was really a great time.

I’m done with my semester now, which is wonderful – I’ve been needing a break for a while, I didn’t really get much of a pause between summer and fall term so it is a welcome break! Originally I had plans to do a lot of sewing, preparing my wardrobe for the Oregon Regency Society Retreat that was going to be happening over my birthday weekend in January. Sadly (though not unexpectedly) it has been cancelled for this year, so that removes the big project I had in the works.

I’m sad that the event is cancelled, but now I’m looking at nearly two months worth of time where I am working, but otherwise have no deadlines to worry about. It’s awesome! There are projects, certainly, but I’m looking forward to having some relatively free time. I’m going to start working on my wardrobe for the retreat in 2022, and it will be great to be able to take time on it, really pay attention to details and hopefully make a really spectacular wardrobe!

The other projects that I have on my list for the winter: The great house rearrangement of 2020 is well underway – I’ve been spackling one room, and hope to paint the ceiling this weekend. That’s all on the path to getting that room set up as a craft room for Mom, which opens up another room that will become my Fiber Arts room. Once I have that set up I’ll be moving much of the stuff that’s in my bedroom to the Fiber Arts Room and getting new bookcases to set up my bedroom as a library/bedroom/office (as opposed to currently serving all those uses while also holding all of my yarn and fabric and various other crafting materials. First step, though, is getting the walls spackled, and the ceiling painted so that mom can then paint the walls.

The other project I’m hoping to start this weekend is giving my Little Free Library a bit of a revamp – I’m going to use some deck-stain on it and create new doors that will (hopefully) work better on it. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, so it’s nice to finally be getting to the point of being able to make these changes.

What are you up to these days? Any great projects looming in the coming months?


12 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Catching up!

  1. It’s an interesting time – plenty of it to take on house projects, but no interest in having any professionals come over to do it right…can I remove, sand and stain that door myself? sure. Will it look OK? Hmmmm…..glad to see that you are making great use of your quarantine time!

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  2. Wow…i envy that you’ll have a whole room for everything. What a luxury. I have a small 3x4foot closet that I share with a memory bin, holiday deco bin, summer/winter bin… And, clothes. Not much space left so limit stash as much as I can. I’ll be back this afternoon with a share… Will toldvhubby out for internet after work..


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