Who am I?

The first reaction I always have when I see that phrase is “2-4-6-0-1″…. so, that tells you something about me (or at least one of my interests/geek-doms).

Who am I?

That can be a very deep and complex question… but I’ll stick with the “easy” answers!

I am a writer, reader, and dreamer.

Writing is my passion and my focus.  I am currently working on a fantasy-novel and have tried my hand in the past at short-stories, sermons, essays, academic papers and poems. For that matter, I’ve also written manuals, newsletter bulletins, job-descriptions, website content and mission statements.  While I enjoy some forms of writing more than others, the truth is that if I am getting to play with words — finding ways to describe things and convey information on the page — I am going to be happy.  I work a full time job, so my personal-writing has to happen around the 8-5 grind.  I often spend my lunch-break writing, sometimes get some in during my 1 to 1.5 hour commutes, and then strive to find time on the weekends to commit to my writing.

I’m a Geek, Nerd, and Dork (yes, I claim all three). For a time I ran a series here, Passionate Geeks, which was born out of my interest in expanding people’s understanding of what it might mean to be a “Geek.” Many of us aren’t given the chance to share those special geekdom’s that really hold our passion, and we need more opportunities to do that.

I have an M.A., in Religion, and a B.A., in History. I love to research things; there are certain eras and areas that catch my interest but I will happily dig into pretty much any realm of the past, or present. Give me a topic, and I’ll happily fall down the rabbit hole of research. If a religion topic comes up I will likely start geeking out (be warned).  If you put the history and the religion together (which they often can do quite easily) well… I will have something to say.

Much of my work-life has been in the realm of education: early-childhood, after-school programming, and youth work.  I have worked within daycare centers, churches, non-profit organizations, home school co-ops, as a nanny, and more.  I am an educator, and don’t think it’s something I could stop doing even if I wanted to. Thankfully, I don’t want to. I get such joy out of learning new things, and seeing other people as they learn something new, see something through a different perspective, or expand their understandings.

I have a deep passion for history, reading, and writing. Those are likely the things most likely to come up if I’m asked about my hobbies. I’ve also enjoyed baking (with the added challenge of being gluten-free!), sewing, beading, and being outdoors. Sometimes I pretend to be crafty (I can crochet! and sew! and make little journals!) but usually I stick with the written word as my art form.  I’m interested in genealogy, and old-stuff in general (collect old books, collect old photographs, dream about collecting old furniture and even older books).  Also, sometimes I get into a bit of a ramble.

So, in a kind of large nutshell – that’s me 🙂

[More “About Me,”  Written for “Blogger University”]


What’s This?

When I started this blog I had friends with food blogs, dessert blogs, lifestyle blogs, personal reflection blogs, business blogs, travel blogs….  I like writing so thought it was about time to start giving it a go. My time for blogging has come and gone, sometimes I have a lot, sometimes very little. But over the years I’ve enjoyed the chance to engage with a variety of blogging communities and explore different topics through this blog. And, of course, the blog has served as a place to give some updates and reflections on my eclectic life.  A little bit of whatever may be catching my attention in life at the moment.



28 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I’m such a quiet girl, I love to drew and read some story, but I’m not good in English. But it’s nice to meet your blog, and read some amazing words from you.

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  2. What an interesting introduction! I was also interested that you’re writing Disparate Threads, and I’m writing Enduring Threads!
    I have family arriving tonight for a week, so I’ll be off air for a bit. Thank you for your follow, and I look forward to catching up with you again soon. 🙂 ❤


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