Just beyond Karikum’s cave,

before you reach King Poritant’s grave,

You will find the elaborate Dirkum’s Maze,

that daunts even the likes of  the great hero Garifraze.

Garifraze was on a quest,

searching as only she could best,

for some unknown grand treasure,

promised to bring the world great pleasure.

She was quite sure,

that the rumors were not simply a lure,

to draw her down this path

where she may have to face an uncertain wrath.

Dirkum’s maze was a winding place,

where cobwebs would hit you in the face,

with paths designed to turn one ’round,

and  sometimes the dragon would alter the ground.

The Dragon’s name was Argle-Fargle

A beast who played the Margle,

(for those who are uninformed,

the Margle is an instrument recently formed,

when the creator of this beast so vile

realized it would be quite the trial,

to rhyme anything with a name so entertaining.

Clearly, her brain was past the point of straining).

The Dragon, Argle-Fargle,

playing dulcet tones on his Margle,

would shift the ground beneath their feet,

before our hero and the prince could meet.

The prince you see, was also lost

Seeking a treasure he thought worth the cost.

Garifraze was not lost, of course,

But rather searching for her lost horse.

Distracting her from the original plan,

of treasure hunting, which is how it all began.

Garifraze was so caught

in the idea of a hero’s lot,

that she had not paid heed,

to the sign that could give her lead.

So we leave the hero grand,

standing alone on a maze-filled land,

just two walls from a determined prince

whose style of dress would make you wince.

While Argle-farge, Margle player extrordianaire

watched them from way up in the air.

And the horse, I am proud to say,

had already found her way,

beyond the maze and had happily made,

her way to the front of a grand parade.


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