An Eclectic Note – short hiatus.

There is some serious internet challenges going on in my home, and I am unable to connect much at all.  This means that any blogging, and all the internet work I need to do, needs to be undertaken either during my lunch break at work, or while burning through my data on my phone.

Neither of these options are really compatible with getting much done so… for a little while… I’m putting Eclectic Alli on Hiatus.  I’ll be heading off for a vacation in a week anyhow, and wouldn’t be able to update the either.

I know that I’ll get this all figured out — and may well still do Three Things Thursday and/or Weekend Coffee Share over the next few weeks, but for the moment I need to take one thing off of my plate while I get some other things sorted out.  I WILL  have internet figured out by the end of the month – it’s a requirement – so I promise to be back, refreshed and ready to run, in September!

For the time being, I’m going to pretend I’m stepping away for some summer vacation time!

I’ll try to still regularly touch base through my facebook page, instagram, and twitter – so be sure to connect with me there!

If We Were Having Coffee… Cleaning Time.

If we were having coffee I’d be a bit frazzled.  I’ve been fighting the internet most of the week and it’s been one big headache.  For someone like me who depends rather heavily on the internet for most of my hobbies and activities that’s a really frustrating thing.  Most of the time I’ve been having to use my hot-spot to be able to get enough signal in order to pay my bills.

It’s… well, when I started this post I was going to say that it’s gotten better, but it hasn’t.  Streaming is just not going to happen and my signal keeps going in and out.  It wouldn’t be QUITE as frustrating is anyone else in the house were experiencing the same thing but… it seems to be primarily my location in the house.  UGH!

But I don’t want to just complain at you — it was a pretty good week other than that.  Today I had been planning on just working on my room/office — it needs a lot of work — so I’ll have to stick to background shows that I have downloaded on the computer or own on DVD.. and perhaps stick with music for a while.

I’d also tell you that I’ve been having fun engaging in a “cat fight” with a friend of mine – she just got a new cat and made a comment about cat pictures, so we’ve been swapping pictures through social media, which has been a bit of light fun through the week.  I think Midnight Monster is a bit sick of me taking his picture though.

Alright, I should get to cleaning.  But first, why don’t you share a bit about what’s been up with you this week.  How are things going?


Insecure Writers Support Group: Letting it Age

The IWSG has started offering up a bit of a prompt for people to include in their IWSG posts. This month’s prompt is just perfect for me to reflect on as I step into the last real month of summer.

“What was your very first piece of writing as an aspiring writer? Where is it now? Collecting dust or has it been published?”

–Insecure Writer’s Support Group prompt for August 2016.

I wrote a few different things as I was starting out, but there is one piece that I consider my first work as an aspiring writer. It’s the first real work that spoke to me, that pushed through me like it was coming from some other place. I wasn’t Allison, the teenager writing stories that I dreamed up. I was Allison, the writer, tapping into some place that doesn’t really exist, to tell the stories of people who may be made-up, but seemed extremely real to me. 

That story hasn’t been published, it sits awaiting rewrites. Restructuring and reworking.  I’ve struggled with it over the years, trying to discover the right way to tell the story – how to properly capture what is is the characters want to say.  And it’s hard to do.

I’ve retold the story, gotten false starts and tried different era’s.  I’ve attempted to place it in a fantasy setting, and a historical one.  I’ve jumped narrators and point-of-view.  And yet, I still haven’t found the right way to tell the story – I haven’t quite established what fits.

Though not actively working on that manuscript now, it is always there, swirling around in the back of my head.  Just like the other stories that I have been working on.  The current novel I am revising is going in a similar manner.  I had it sitting – peripherally working on it — for nearly a year before I got the insight into what it was I had to do to make the story work (now it’s a matter of sitting down and writing it…).

Different works need different amounts of time to sit.  Where as the current work-in-process has only had to sit for a relatively short time for me to figure out some of the sticky pieces, Hazel has had to sit for years… but I trust that someday the right way of telling the story will come to me — when I am truly ready to tell it.

It’s about trusting yourself, and trusting your story.  Both very challenging things to do, but both so very worth it.


This is my monthly post as part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, a great group of supportive writers, helping one another through our writing ups-and-downs.
There is also a great Facebook Community for more daily connection!  More posts from the group are tagged on Twitter at #IWSG.



If We Were Having Coffee… Lots happening….

If we were having coffee I’d invite you to join me on my writing date at Jim and Patty’s Coffee People – an old favorite hangout that has recently expanded their space.

It’s a hot day outside but it’s nice and comfortable here inside. I am planning to get some actual writing done soon — I was inspired by a conversation with my sister recently and want to see where that seed of thought might lead me.
I’d tell you that it’s been a pretty crazy-busy week for me — just a lot of stuff going on.  One exciting bit is that I’m going to be doing a shift at a Jamberry-table at the local county fair tomorrow evening!  I’ve never even gone to the fair before, and never had done a vendor event for Jamberry before.  It should be fun, and definitely a learning experience!  If you happen to be at the Oregon Washington County Fair between 2 and 6:30 Sunday night stop on by!  Tell me you know me from Eclectic Alli and I’ll be sure to give you an additional special goody:)

I also would want to share with you that I actually won a prize this week!  I pretty much never win raffles, so wasn’t expecting anything from the prize raffle they ran at a recent staff appreciation event. But I did win!!  I won what I thought was the coolest prize too — a two night stay  in the Junior Executive Suite (breakfast included) at the University owned Hotel and Conference center! I’m looking forward to putting it to use for a writing retreat (and maybe to enjoy some time downtown at night too). Now I just have to figure out when I want to use it!

This week also had some unexpected emotion.  I hadn’t been watching the DNC (though I do intend to go back and watch both of the Obama’s speeches).  I did, however, end up watching the tail end of Chelsea Clinton’s introduction of her mother and watched all of Hillary’s speech. I’m not usually a particularly political person – I follow a little bit (I kind of have to, since so many of my friends are quite politically minded and I like to be able to at least follow their conversations), but have not been a greatly interested in getting into the details (and, yet, I’ll happily wade through historical political materials… go figure).  But watching that moment when Hillary walked across the stage to officially accept the nomination was powerful. I was watching with my mom and my little brother, and Mom and I were both a bit emotional. Personal political beliefs aside, you have to admit that it’s pretty awesome to get to watch this piece of history in the making — the first female presidential nominee in a major political party.

That’s probably more than enough from me just now… I’ll settle back with my iced Black Forest Mocha and give you a chance to tell me a bit about your week now.  What have you been up to?

If We Were Having Coffee – Getting Organized… maybe.

Welcome!  I’d love to enjoy some leisurely time this morning having coffee with you!  For once I have a pretty open day – aside from a few simple errands I have a free day!  Of course, I’m going to try to get a lot done with this free day but… it’s nice to know that, if I really wanted to, I could just sit around and do nothing all day long.

How have things been going for you?  I’m doing okay — this week was kind of a strange one at work.  We had an all day CPR/First Aid training mid-week and, while it’s nice to be re-certified (I’ve been CPR/First Aid trained a number of times in my life, kind of a requirement for a lot of the jobs I’ve held), it was a strange day where we weren’t seeing any clients and had time at the end of the day to work, uninterrupted, on projects.

Outside of work I’ve been trying to get things together to get back on track with some things — seems like I’m always in that state, doesn’t it?  One of my goals for today is to finally get some of the mess of my living space back into order, since Midnight took down the bookshelf I haven’t really had a chance to figure out what to do with the space.  I want to try getting rid of some things, I may — finally – be ready to clear out some of the stuff I’ve been carting around and collecting through the years.  Maybe….

Thoughts about reorganizing, cleaning, and sorting, has caused me to also think about my blog some.  I know that I haven’t been as on top of things here as I would like, and for a while I’ve mostly done just the regular check-in kind of posts, but I’d like to change that. I need to get back into writing of all sorts — including my blogging.   This week I was able to put together a contributor post for Comparative Geeks, and I had a lot of fun putting that together – I want to do more contribution and guests posts at other blogs, as well as getting a bunch more going on here (and over at Eclectic Alli Nails… I got started there but really need to get more content going).

Really, my problem has been that I have ideas, but then seem to fall apart in the process of actually putting those ideas onto the page.  I’ve got to break that trend and start writing… grand ideas only get you so far.

Same applies to the novel… yeah, time to get back on track!  That’s my goal for this weekend and the coming week – work on getting back on track!

Wish me luck… I’d love to hear what you’ve done to help get yourself moving again when you find yourself in a similar situation (if you ever have)…  I’m great at making lists, figuring out what needs to be done — but then pushing myself to actually do what needs to be done is proving to be more of a challenge.


Three Things Thursday – July 21, 2016

I’ve been having a lot of fun catching Pokémon around town! I think even more than that I’ve been enjoying trying to get good pictures of them – this one made me happy because I’d been hoping to get a picture of one in front of Ole ( my favorite coffee place)!

Speaking of favorite coffee places… I discovered that another place I love (and the ones responsible for my coffee drinking in the first place) is expanding their location nearest to me! Hurray for more space for writing time!!

The weather has been, finally, starting to act like summer… this means some very pretty views as I’m out and about during lunch breaks:)

What made you smile this week?

Pokemon Go — and Comparative Geek!

I’ve been meaning to write about all the new, awesome, homes that my blogging friends have made for themselves — it’s been a winter/spring of re-shuffling and re-arranging!

But, like too many things, that hasn’t quite happened yet…. however, I will share with you the new home of Comparative Geek — because I am a contributing author there now, and today have a post up (hopefully the first of many… I’ve just got to get better about actually writing these things….)

Head on over, check out all the coolness they have going on — and maybe give my post about the social-coolness of Pokemon Go while you’re there!

Discovering new parks in search of cool new creatures!
Discovering new parks in search of cool new creatures!

A bit of this, a bit of that, the meandering thoughts of a dreamer.


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