T is for Time Slip by Guest Poster @blurosemd

Today’s post brought to you by my guest poster – Bohemian Nerd!  We’ve undertaken a post-exchange today, so be sure to pay her a visit to see what I did for her “T” day poetry post!

TYesterday while my dog took me for a walk, I met  a cool looking dog, named Ronnie, who was  a street performer trying to earn a little dough on the side going towards a new bag of dog treats. He isn’t about to take a free meal ticket, and even though he has gone through some rough times and even spent a little hard time in the pound, he has since graduated from rehab and is a brand new dog. However, he has trouble keeping a job so he has decided to try out this panhandling thing out.
He told me during a recent interview that “if those animals on two legs and cellphones can do it, so can I. I support equal rights! Dogs need support too!”
Ronnie can usually be found either downtown in the park enjoying a nice hotdog from the Nathan’s stand or volunteering his time at the local soup kitchen. “It’s part of my rehabilitation program. When I was on the inside, group talked about making a difference in our communities and how important it is to stay busy so I don’t relapse. I have too many responsibilities and and a family to think about now.”
He was recently placed with his adopted human, Dan, who depends on him to help pay the bills. When asked if he had any puppies or a wife, he was very quiet. “I did before I got thrown in the Bars (slang for Pound). I did have a wife, but she made the decision to move on without me. I’m clean now and I’m working on me for now. Perhaps in the future…this pup gets lonely too.”

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