J the Squirrel

Introducing the first of my SUPER SPECIAL guest posters.

Josh is 12 years old, loves reading, Minecraft, legos and his little brother, Tristan. Josh is trilled that Allison asked him to contribute to her blog and loved writing his story about the squirrel “J.”
(Allison adds: Josh has appeared on this blog before — in one of my early posts he agreed to let me “interview” him about our camping adventures)

JThere once was a Squirrel named J. J had to prepare for the 2014-2015 winter. What he didn’t know was how long it would be.

J did is yearly routine. The acorns were small so he hoped the winter would be 1-2 months long. Sadly, when he arrived at home, it was destroyed. The gangs of squirrels had been great this year. So he got back to building.

It took weeks but J finally rebuilt his home. But, as he went to grab his acorns, they were gone. The gangs had stolen them. The winter had started so he could find no more. He pondered what to do, so tried to get some sleep, but he was too hungry.

The next day J woke up and found a fallen carrot. Before anyone could take it, he grabbed it. He now had rations for winter and would pick up more if he found any. J was now a happy squirrel.


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