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Welcome to the weekend! I’m now officially done with my schoolwork, which is SO NICE! I’ve long been needing a break, and I have plans to really relax and enjoy it. We got our Christmas Tree up this week, so I’ll be doing some decorating over the weekend. Because things are just a bit different this year, Mom and I have decided to scale back on our normal indoor decorations and approach the holiday a bit different. Normally we’ve decorated the entire downstairs. The family room is traditionally the “Santa Room,” and for the past few years has gotten its own, increasingly larger tree to accommodate the growing collection of Santa ornaments. In our living Room we had our regular tree, Mom would set up her village. Our dining room got snowman and snowflake themed decorations in the window, and sometimes a small fake tree in the center of the table.

This year our living room is full of items that need to be sorted and dealt with as we work on getting some of the rest reorganized to better fit the people who are actually living here now (me and my mom. This is the house I grew up in, and during that time there were 7 of us here!). So we’re just ignoring that room this year. Our time is mostly spent in the family room, so that’s where the most decorations are going. Including putting our only tree up there. But instead of Santa decorations we’re using a bunch of things that would normally go elsewhere in the house. And for the tree we’re using mostly my decorations!

Starting when we were little we got at least one ornament each year, an ornament that was ours. That way, when we all set out on our own we’d have a set of ornaments that had meaning from the years, ready to start with decorating our tree. I haven’t put them up the past few years, so it will be kind of cool to get them up this year!

Do you have any special traditions that you get to engage in this time of year?


15 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare : Decoration Time

  1. We each had our childhood ornaments when we married. Lost in house fire…so we started new tradition of making new “disposable” ones each year. We live with limited space for storage so we reserve that for the few family heirlooms we’ve gotten since the fire… Mainly our grandmother’s nativities. We used to deco the whole apartment… Now in townhome it’s just living room and kitchen. I’ll try to link in later… Can’t copy paste link from my page from phone. If someone can do that for I’d be thankful if not, you’re still welcome to visit me this week. 🎅🙏


  2. I imagine those ornaments have magical memories connected to them. My daughter have a special stocking and a special elf that is part of our tradition, besides that most things are new this year since we have moved so much, I do see us live in this apartment for a long time, it suits us perfectly, which means that I would like to start making some new Christmas traditions here. Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for the coffee!

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  3. I’ve been collecting one ornament per year. For me, I like to get an ornament that highlights the year. Last year I got an alpaca ornament representing our Peru trip. One year I got a house ornament the year we bought a house. This year maybe I can buy two ornaments. One that represents 2020 for me and my husband, the second ornament we can start a collection for our new baby.


  4. What a lovely ornament tradition! I used to have Christmas traditions but they’d faded with the last few restarts of life. Now I just make sure to have a good time. 😀 I also grew up in a home with lots of people in it. It’s a different sort of experience, isn’t it, ha! 🙂


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