Underwater Adventure in the Bathtub

Another post by my super-special guest posters!  Today’s story is brought to you by Isabelle and Jenny.

Isabelle is 5 years old and she likes to dance, sing,  beach-comb and hang out with her friends.

Jenny is ten and she likes to read, draw and act.

UOnce upon a time there were two girls named Aleena and Maureena who had never met one another.  It just so happened, that they shared the same date of birth.  On their seventh birthday they were both taking bubble baths at the same exact time.

When Maureena got into her bath, the water started rippling and thrashing, then a big wave washed over her and pulled her under.  Aleens’s bath water started swirling until it turned into a whirlpool, which dragged her down into darkness.

The next thing they both knew, they were holding hands with one another and swimming through the ocean.  They looked at one another and both had so many questions.  Who are you?  How did we get here?  Where are my legs and where did this tail come from?  But before they could start answering each other they saw a big shark.  The shark was looking right at them, and was licking his lips.

The girls started to swim as fast as they could with the shark close behind them, snapping at their tails.  Maureena saw an entrance to a sea cave and pulled Aleena into it.  The entrance was just big enough for the girls to fit in, but not the shark.  The shark was swimming so fast that he couldn’t stop in time and he ran in to a rock wall.

While in the cave the girls started talking about all that had happened to them and how magical it all was.  They both couldn’t believe they were mermaids and that their bathtubs were magical portals to this magical undersea world.  The girls agreed to meet every Saturday at 10:30.  They had many magical adventures together, but neither forgot the first time they met on their seventh birthday.


8 thoughts on “Underwater Adventure in the Bathtub”

    1. Thanks! I was so happy they all agreed to it! I think I may be doing more of this in the future — I would have LOVED if someone had given me the opportunity to share my stories when I was younger, and one of my passions is encouraging people (of all ages) to explore their creative abilities 🙂


  1. Reminds me of some of the fantasy stories I wrote when I was a kid… But with more plot. 😉 And I love that they decide to meet every Saturday at 10:30. So organized!


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