Taliana’s Spring Adventure (6): Confusion and Caution

You can read the start of Taliana’s adventure, or jump right in!

CAs she stepped into a new world, Taliana was greeted by a low growl.  Before her was a large, scaly beast showing a mouthful of sharp fangs.  Lurching forward it gave a clear impression that her presence was unwelcome.

“I’m terribly sorry,” she kept her voice soft.  She held her hands in front of her, palms up, feeling at a distinct disadvantage not knowing the creature’s language or culture, it was not one of the many she had learned.  She couldn’t be certain if it was angry, upset at her invasion into its home, or simply saw her as a meal.  It made it rather difficult to know what to do.  “I promise you, I had not intended to wander into your home.  I do apologize.”

The creature snarled again, though slightly quieter this time.  Taliana took that as a good sign, though reasoned that the creature could probably understand her as well as she understood it.  She took a step back.  The threads around the creature were a knotted mess, pulling and tugging at his own threads in ways that must be painful.

“I… can help with that…” Since the creature didn’t seem to understand her worlds Taliana decided what mattered most was her tone.  Reaching out her hands she began to try and untangle the knotted threads, talking as she did.  She explained what she was doing, against the quiet growls of the creature.  It didn’t snap at her, but settled back on its haunches, so Taliana took that to mean it didn’t want to eat her.  She worked as quickly as she could, moving from talking about what she was doing to why she was jumping through the worlds.  It didn’t matter what she said, she figured, since the creature couldn’t understand her, but it seemed reassured at her gentle tone.

The threads unraveled, Taliana stepped back towards the entrance of the cave.  The creature looked more relaxed, its mouth baring fewer fangs, but Taliana didn’t want to press her luck with the creature.

“I hope your day improves now…. It was nice to meet you,” Taliana said as she backed away.  The creature inclined its head in some sort of a nod as Taliana took a breath and a final step back.


14 thoughts on “Taliana’s Spring Adventure (6): Confusion and Caution

    1. Thanks! One of the things I have loved about Taliana’s character is that she is able to cautious (and brave) where I am not. For her a time of confusion means to be more cautious.. for me I’m likely to just end up getting flustered.


    1. I hope so! I had this moment writing other Taliana posts where I realized that so far she had landed entirely in places where she spoke the same language as everyone else. What would happen if she didn’t? Nice to let her do some thread-untangling too ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Taliana is a brave girl! I love her willingness to be so open and kind, rather than letting fear take over (as I probably would).


    1. It’s one of the things I love about her! In the first stretch of her story (around Halloween) I realized just how brave she was, and how able to be straightforward when she needed to. I feel like this makes up for some of her (as a friend of mine put it) straight-up mobster-esque behavior at the end of the masque (She basically had the “family” “take care of” someone trying to destroy the books she’s now searching for more information about)!
      I wish I could be as cool and level-headed as she is! I would have definitely let fear take over if I were standing in a cave with a beast who wasn’t speaking my language!


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