Other Work by Me


Impacting Diverse Communities Through Service. Scholarship winning website for San Jose State University, MLIS program. (2020)


“Masks” short story in The Strange Angel  by Seth E. Adams (B. Jared Hassan). 2000.

“Sisters of the Lake” in Campfire Stories: A Short Story Collection. 2017.


“Spirit of the Falls”  in Falling Into The Sky, meditation anthology. Abhi Janamanchi, Abihmanyu Janamanchi, eds. 2013.

“Spirit of the Falls”  printed in The Open Door. Bangor Theological Seminary. Spring 2013.

 Articles and Essays:

“Reimagining Worship for the 21st Century” in The Open Door.  Bangor Theological Seminary.  Spring 2012.

“Theology Matters: Engaging in Dialogue” in The Open Door.  Bangor Theological Seminary. Spring 2013.

“Get Outta My Way: Pushing Past Amazing”  in The Insecure Writer’s Support Group: Guide to Publishing and BeyondDancing Lemur Press, L.L.C. November 2014

Sermons and Reflections:

“Standing Tall”   in The Open Door. Bangor Theological Seminary. Spring 2012.

“Reflections on Commencement Day” in The Open Door.  Bangor Theological Seminary. 2013.

Blog Guest Posts:

As is the nature of the Inter-webs, occasionally blogs move or close. I’ve still listed the posts that I did elsewhere, and am looking at finding them so I can re-post the content here, but in the meantime, links to now-defunct blogs or posts have been removed.

Island of the Blue Dolphin: A Review.  On An Unconventional Librarian

Tittynope and Tetractys: An A to Z Guest Post.  On Bohemian Nerd

Volcanic Reading. On Nerd In The Brain.

Occasional contributor at Comparative Geek.

Posts originally appearing on Part Time Monster:

  • Ursula and the Sea-witch.
  • Betrayed Monsters: The Giant’s Wife From Into The Woods
  • Witchy Women: The Witch from Into The Woods
  • Eclectic Alli Talks Haloween Costumes
  • Adventures in Portland’s Shanghai Tunnels, co-written with Corina

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