Xander and the xoanon

XXander sheathed his xiphos, looked at the xoanon that had fallen from the sky.  The thing had landed on the head of a xerus.  Not that xerus’ were normally found around here, but a local xenophile had important a bunch of them, along with some xanthoxyl.  Xolani promised, after the xylophagan infestation that such exotic ventures would be set aside.  Xander did not believe it though, especially since she was currently in Xiangtan seeking out a particular tea to have on hand to use as a xenium. She’d probably end up filling the entire xebec with artifacts.

Xander turned the xoanon over in his hand, admiring the xylopyrography that had been done on it.  This demanded more investigation.  Passing through the xyst, he turned the continued to keep some of his attention on the xoanon, noting the base appeared to still have a dark residue on it, as though it had been used in some xylography.  Xiang would have a better idea of what this idol may be, and Xander didn’t want to waste any time.  It wasn’t every day a xoanon fell from the sky, after all.  He just hoped that this time it would be work interrupting Xiang’s xylophone lessons for.

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