Slugs Eat Anything That Is a Plant

Today’s SUPER SPECIAL Guest Poster is Adel (and she gave us a little science lesson, a story AND a picture)!

Adel is 6 years old.  She loves to go to Out of This World Pizza and playing in the yard.  She decided to write about slugs for today because “I see them all the time and have lots of good slug stories.”


SlSugs are a type of invertebrate.  That means they are a type of animal that does not have a backbone.  A slug is also a type of gastropod, the word comes from greek and means stomach foot.  Slugs have four tentacles, two are used to see and two are used to touch.  A slug has one foot, it can be used for moving along the ground.  Most of their body is made up of tail. They breath out of a hole on the side of their head called a pneumustome.

This is a story of Grontoe the slug.  Grontoe the slug is special because he can play basketball with a ball the size of your little finger. He is a banana slug that is very big and has big black spots.

Grantoe and I went on an adventure, but first Grontoe wanted a snack. He ate some compost  but then he was so thirsty! We didn’t have any water so Grontoe and I went to the pond. While we were getting water a fish jumped up and ate Grontoe.  Then I started to cry. My only friend was eaten by a leopard fish! I couldn’t tell which one it was because there were hundreds of them!  I went home and found another slug and a fishing pole. I caught all the fish in the pond looking for my friend Grontoe and found him in a fishes stomach. To my surprise Grontoe was alive! And then I found out that the slugs liked each other they mated and laid eggs to start their happy family in the garden.

The human family was well fed with fish and very happy to have friends like Grontoe and his family.

Slug Drawing


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