H is for Hidden Treasures

As the Eclectic Express continues on its whirlwind tour we try to stop at not just the large destinations, but also the small ones.  Sometimes there are exciting places hidden right in our own back yard.  Hidden Treasures of places that are totally worth exploring. For instance, the Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery. Tucked … Continue reading H is for Hidden Treasures

#AtoZChallenge Reflection!

I successfully completed the A To Z Blogging Challenge!  I'm still amazed I managed it (and am already planning for next year!  I really enjoyed the challenge I set for myself, to explore the concept of "Telling Tales," in short posts.  I've written a handful of short stories through the years, but they have never … Continue reading #AtoZChallenge Reflection!

Xander and the xoanon

Xander sheathed his xiphos, looked at the xoanon that had fallen from the sky.  The thing had landed on the head of a xerus.  Not that xerus’ were normally found around here, but a local xenophile had important a bunch of them, along with some xanthoxyl.  Xolani promised, after the xylophagan infestation that such exotic … Continue reading Xander and the xoanon