Zachary Zombie Hunter and his pet Zebra, Stars in “Catching some Z’s”

ZZachary had just settled down for a lunch of baked ziti  when Zane (his pet zebra) wandered into the room.  Zane was carrying the mail in her mouth – a habit that Zack could never quite break her of.

Taking the soggy mail from Zane, Zack flipped through it, pausing when one envelope caught his eye.  Separating it from the pile, Zack carefully opened it, taking out the letter.

[What happens next?  I don’t know yet… why don’t you add to the story in the comments?] 


7 thoughts on “Zachary Zombie Hunter and his pet Zebra, Stars in “Catching some Z’s””

  1. “Hmm,” Zack thought, pondering the item in front of him. “I wonder who sent me an actual letter ‘Z’?”

    Enjoyed your theme this month, looking forward to reading your future posts 🙂


  2. Zachary took the Z-shaped map, “Zane! We have a treasure hunt to undertake!” He cried.
    They made their way out of the office and into the crowded city street. First, to figure out which direction. Zachary consulted the map….


  3. The letter, Zack noted, was from Zeus’s Zany Zine, and featured zucchini recipes, zipper fixers, and other zoological pursuits. They’d chosen him as the winner of their zapata photo contest. They were going to send him a zillion zinfandel wines–enough for the rest of his crazy life! 😛

    Congrats on getting to the end of the challenge! Well done.


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