A Station 6 Garden Party – Taliana’s Garden Party -4

Welcome to Taliana’s Garden Party!  The fourth installment of Taliana’s Adventures.

Your invitation can be found here, and if you would like to participate in the party simply link your post to this page — or send me a message with your contribution!

Taliana’s Garden Party:  Part 1                      Part 2                Part 3

Taliana stumbled into a room that, finally, appeared to have people in it. Or… creatures at least. Was that a megaphone-wielding-hamster running at her?
The Thread of Evegran swerved around the garden and then twisted itself around her wrist, physically pulling her from the garden before the hamster could reach her.

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As usual, I’m squeaking in at the end of Taliana’s party. The theme this time is a Garden Party, so I figured it would be fun to revisit my space station characters from several parties ago. And apparently when I think “Garden Party,” I think “Alice in Wonderland.” Also, I had a bit of a fever yesterday. So… you know. Enjoy!

A Station 6 Garden Party

“I don’t know why we had to come down to this blasted surface at all!” Ham bellowed.

Cris winced. They stood at the edge of a sprawling garden party being set up in the largest “room” of a byzantine hedge labyrinth. Station 6 was passing the planet, and all the station’s major functionaries had been invited. Ham, the diminutive hamster-shaped security chief, had brought along a tiny megaphone to ensure he’d be heard in all the ambient noise of a planet’s outdoors.

“You don’t…

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