Taliana’s Garden Party – 3

Welcome to Taliana’s Garden Party!  The fourth installment of Taliana’s Adventures.

Your invitation can be found here, and if you would like to participate in the party simply link your post to this page — or send me a message with your contribution!

Taliana’s Garden Party:  Part 1                      Part 2

The Thread of Evegran twisted through the maze taking Taliana on a wild chase through the elaborate hedge-maze her father so loved.  Many guests had become hopelessly lost in the maze through the years, to the point that Taliana’s mother had insisted that they place flags strategically throughout for guests to raise in order to call for help.  But Taliana had grown up wandering the maze and knew it well, so the moment that she turned a corner and was suddenly in a different world was very clear.  The maze looked the same, but she could feel it was different so was not surprised when the turns suddenly were not the ones that she expected.

The thread stopped it’s excited shaking which worried her, where it had been so enthusiastic before, like a little kid on a race through a candy-store, but it had slowed in these new twists and turns and Taliana wasn’t quite sure what to expect with each curve of the path.

The new maze twisted around in one long path until it let out into a place completely new.

Tell me what this new world (or the new worlds!) that Taliana finds herself in might be like:  Put your thoughts in the comments!



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