Taliana’s Garden Party – At Party’s end.

Welcome to Taliana’s Garden Party!  The fourth installment of Taliana’s Adventures.

Your invitation can be found here, and if you would like to participate in the party simply link your post to this page — or send me a message with your contribution!

Though this is the last entry in the story there is still room for participation. Comments on Post 3 will be continually added to the story page.
Taliana’s Garden Party:  Part 1                      Part 2                Part 3
Part 4

The thread pulled her urgently forward. She had often unknotted threads, but one had never pulled at her like this. She found herself practically flying through the twisting garden paths, flitting through what appeared to be a wide variety of different kinds of worlds. Finally the thread pulled her to familiar ground.
Taliana was able to detatch herself from the thread moments before it would have tried to take her through the (closed) library window.
The thread moved through the window and Taliana peered through after it. The Book of Evegran was safely stores on a shelf and the thread wrapped around it, lifting it from the shelf.
Quickly Taliana pushed the window open, thankful that it hadn’t been locked. The thread pulled the book from the room, pulling it quickly back into the maze. She was supposed to be helping this world come into being, at least, according to all she’d been able to figure out.
Shouldn’t helping a world be born should involve more than opening a window?
She raced after the thread, around a corner just in time to find herself faced with an explosion. A burst of light and sound flooded her, wrapping around her and pulling her into it.

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