The Man Crate: Old School

Okay, I have to admit that when I first was asked if I wanted to write a post for this company I was hesitant.  After all, THE MAN CRATE doesn’t exactly sound like the kind of product I would normally be interested in or promoting at all…. after all, what makes these crates more geared towards men than women?

Nothing, really.

The crates do play off of somewhat stereotypical ideas of “manliness” but… in a variety of forms.  I mean they have a Zombie Preparedness section, and packages for Retro Gamers!  It’s a crate that you open with a crowbar… after unwrapping all the duct tape.  I know a great many women who would love to get these as gifts, so see the name as a fun marketing gimmick.*

They asked if I would be interested in writing about what I might put into a crate if I were to create one, with the theme “Old-School.”  Particularly that nostalgic memorabilia from childhood.  Once my brain got past the idea of putting together a “Man Crate” (really, it ran all over the place with that) I started to have a slew of ideas of what I’d want included.

Without further ado, my gender-inclusive Man Crate 🙂

1) Garbage Pail Kid Cards.  My brothers and I would ride our bikes to the local Plaid Pantry to buy these with our allowance.  The gross stickers, the even grosser stick of stale-chewing gum that left a putrid taste in your mouth before you were halfway home.  I loved those things and between us we amassed quite the collection.

2) Nintendo with Mario Bros and Duck Hunt.  I loved Mario (other than the water level.  Water levels and I… we have issues). And the Duck-Hunt Gun… I had a lot of fun figuring out where I could point it to still manage to hit things.

3) Movies:  The Last Unicorn, Unico, The Black Cauldron, The Princess Bride, Goonies, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Willow, NeverEnding Story.  There were many movies that shaped my childhood in one way or another. Some I liked, some I remember well but didn’t really care for but all come up with conversations about childhood.

4) TV Shows: Fraggle RockCare Bears, Duck Tales,  The Gummi BearsTV shows also tend to come up, and a few of these would be an awesome edition to the box.

5) Pop Rocks, Zotz, Bubble Tape and Ring Pops. I always had a sweet tooth… and these were among my favorites.

6) My Little Ponies. The old ones… I had a few, my brothers had a few.  When we combined them with all the other action figures we had an unstoppable army.

7) Oregon Trail, Odell Lake, and Kings Quest IV. Some of my favorite old computer games, there’s something spectacular about the graphics in these and the challenge inherent in trying to not catch typhoid, or trying to maneuver up winding stairs using the arrow keys….

8) Metal Lunch Box.  Maybe with Muppets on it, or something Star Wars…

There could be so much more, but I think this is a fun little box starting up.

What would go into your “Old-School” crate?

*Yes, I am probably going to write a post about gender-based marketing at some point… it seems a natural build off of the gender-based Book Recommendation conversation and reflecting on this has stirred up some thoughts.
**I have had no actual experience with the Man Crate, and have received no compensation from the company for this post.


5 thoughts on “The Man Crate: Old School

  1. I got an email from them at some point and just couldn’t convince myself to do anything fairminded as long as it was called “The Man Crate,” even though they said several times in the promotional materials that it was also fun for women. If it’s also fun for women, don’t call it the Man Crate. Other than that, it looks super fun. 🙂

    Also The Last Unicorn is my favoritest movie. 😀

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    1. Totally.. I really had to think about if I wanted to work with it or not. I’ve appreciated the way they don’t seem to take themselves (at least, their name) too seriously and, since the post was fun, went for it. But, like I said, I’m pretty sure there’ll be another post out of it 😉

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