You’re Cordially Invited…

You are cordially invited to attend Taliana’s  Garden Party!


Garden Party MasterHaving returned from her journey through different worlds, following the eventful Birthday Party and, of course, the Masque that started it all, Taliana has decided to throw a Garden Party — in the hopes of getting to have a fun time with friends after an eventful year.

Please join us for another story-telling, blog-hopping event.  Friends (old and new) are invited to craft a short story for the event.  Simply post it on your blog between July 15th and 19th, with a link-back to the kickoff post (which will go up at 6 am PST on the 15th).

The “Rules” of the event:

  1. Post your contribution between July 15th and July 19th and include a link-back to the original story page.
  2. Please set the story in a garden that could be part of a large estate garden.  This will help to create a labyrinth-like maze of garden spaces which Taliana can wander through.
  3. Include either:
    1. A ghostly shadow or mysterious figure that is observed to the side of the action.
    2. Something unusual or out of place within the world your story takes place.

Looking forward to the party – I sure hope you can attend!




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