Taliana’s Garden Party – 2

Welcome to Taliana’s Garden Party!  This is the fourth installment of Taliana’s Adventures.

Your invitation can be found here, and if you would like to participate in the party simply link your post to this page — or send me a message with your contribution!

Read Part 1

“Oh!” Taliana had her sights so focused on the racing thread that she  didn’t see James until she literally ran into him.

“Are you okay?” He helped steady her, “Is everything alright?”

“The threads just….” She stopped, blinking a few times at him.  He looked more self-assured than the kid she remembered from the masque.  The masque, when he’d followed her as she chased after that strange man who was bent on destroying the book….

“The threads just…?” he prompted gently.

“The thread I was following this spring… it is racing down the paths. I need to follow it.” There was more than a little apology in her voice.  She had meant to talk to him after the spring adventure, after he’d helped her so much but she hadn’t taken the time to speak to much anyone since that journey.  “I’m sorry I haven’t explained anything to you, since spring. Just-”

“You’ve been busy,” he smiled at her and then seemed to glance to the thread, “and if it is racing down the paths I am thinking you should probably be following it.”

“You can see it?”  Without her help?

He nodded, “I’ve been able to see… well… I wanted to talk to you about that.  Since spring.” He ran his hand through his curly hair, “That isn’t important, not just now.   This party isn’t just another party, is it?”

“They never are,” Taliana frowned.

“I thought not.  You need to focus on what you need to focus on and maybe… maybe we can talk later. After this party is done?”

“I’d like that.” To have someone to actually explain this all to would be wonderful.

“Well then.”  He grinned, “it seems like you’d best hurry.”  He nodded to the thread that was shaking and quivering like an excited puppy.

“After the party we’ll talk.  I promise.  Call on me tomorrow?”

“I will,” James called after her as she started off the garden path once more.


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