The Season! October of Films, Hero’s, Masquerade Balls:

October has a lot of great events happening in it!
If anyone else is hosting an event this month that they’d like me to add to “The Season” just let me know 🙂

For each of these events I will try to share posts that I can.  I had fun putting together the Pinterest Board for Banned Book Week, so I’ll definitely be doing that again,and will compile the posts into link-pages (which can be found in the menu under “The Season.”)


Event Dates Event Title Event Host Event Information
September 28 – October 3
Female Characters Week
 Hannah Givens  A part of the Feminist Friday series, this will include recommendation lists throughout the week, seeking further recommendations, with a discussion post on Friday to explore the topic “strong female characters” in general.
Hop on over to share your recommendations, your favorite “strong female characters” or write your own posts exploring the topic!
  October 17-19
Stage To Screen Blogathon
The Rosebud Cinema and Rachel’s Theater Reviews A bunch of bloggers exploring screen adaptations of stage plays and musicals!
 October 25-31
Masquerade Ball
Eclectic Alli Participatory blog-hopping/storytelling/multi-media event!  Create a blog-post about your own “room” of the party!
October 31
Trick Or Treat Book Blog Hop
Patricia Lynne Trick-or-treating for Authors (and readers!)

November 1st will bring with it the start of National Novel Writing Month — and there will be more about the festivities that will be happening for that towards the end of this month!

13 thoughts on “The Season! October of Films, Hero’s, Masquerade Balls:

    1. Why not? All you need to do is check-in here! You can write posts on the themes, or just read and comment on others. The wonderfulness of the blogosphere, everyone can participate!


      1. Oh, my bad! I immediately assumed that these would be actual events where people meet face-to-face! LOL!!!!

        Well, I’ll try. I kind of have a hard time handling my after-work schedule, finishing my own pieces and actually getting a proper connection…


        1. All problems I know very well (am having to revert to using the connection at work on my lunch-break or using my cell phone as a mobile hot-spot for much of my internet at the moment)! If you can even just read and comment it will be awesome – if you find time to participate then it would be most welcome 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

    2. Why not? The beauty of the blogosphere – everyone can participate! All you need to do is check-in here: you can write your own posts on the themes, or read and comment on what others have written. 🙂


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