Masquerade Ball!

I love Halloween.  Always have, probably always will.
Part of what I love is the ability to dress up in costumes and pretend to be something new.  I imagine myself into another world all the time in my writing, Halloween is one of the times when I can dress up and pretend off of the page.

For Halloween this year, I want to host a Masquerade Ball.  An epic party, and you’re all invited.  The doors open October 25th and the party will run through the  31st!

This is a huge house, with lots of rooms, lots of space, and lots of people.  What experience do you have in your little space of the mansion?  What costume are you wearing, or, who are you for the evening?  Perhaps some characters from a work-in-process are along for the fun?  Maybe something exciting happens?  This can cross mediums, and take any form you’d like.  Have fun with this!  The more that participate, the more fun it will be!

If you plan to participate, let me know (and link to this post or The Masque Begins post from your post) to help me find you — I’ll put all the events together in a page throughout the week and reblog as I can (and I have a cool idea for the page!  So… if you can include SOME sort of picture in your post, that would be great!).

I’m looking forward to hearing what happens on your piece of the world!  If you don’t have a blog (or a post like this wouldn’t work on your blog for whatever reason) let me know  — I’ll happily put up your piece as a guest-post!


The Masque has begun!  Join us by checking out the #EclecticMasque tag on WordPress (or twitter).  At the end of the week all the posts will be compiled into one (probably horrendously long) Project page (because I am overambitious?), but in the meantime, you can browse through the posts here, at the bottom of The Kick-Off Post, or on the Pinterest page (which will probably be the slowest to update).
And, of course, up to the very end of the party your contributions are always welcome!



25 thoughts on “Masquerade Ball!

    1. You write a post (or post a picture, or create a poem or put together a mini research paper, something!) around the idea of a masquerade ball during that week (and linkback here, out let me know so I can connect to the post). Simplified, it’s a Masque-themed blog-hop. But, that’s the easy way to describe it, and I never do things the easy way! 🙂 I envision reading/checking out all the posts being like wandering through a giant, many roomed house, with all sorts of interesting going-ons.
      Thanks for asking for clarification!


  1. Reblogged this on Thoughts by Mello-Elo and commented:
    I’m attending a Masquerade Ball and wondered who would like to go with me? Eclectic Alli is throwing the Ball of the year and it would be rude not to go, plus there is the hidden purpose of meeting the keeper of the threads. Come with me!


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