The “Season”

The “we can hob-nob without leaving the comfort of our computers” Season

If you have an event you’d like to add let me know and we’ll get it on The Calendar!  For more about this project, and some general ideas check out the post where this idea started to take shape.

This is a fluid page, and will get updates as new events occur (so check it often!  I’ll also try to make note of updates on a semi-regular basis… at the very least a start-of-month summary of upcoming events!)



Event Dates Event Title Event Host Event Information
December 15 – 19
Love Your Local!
Eclectic Alli The holiday shopping season can get a bit crazy, and I know it is a time when many places there is an upswing in the “Buy Local” movement. So, while we are scattered around the world, why not share some of our favorite local places, and why we love them? Probably another blog-hop.
December 21-27
My Favorite Escape
Eclectic Alli A little escapism literature can go a long way.  Again, details pending but some sort of blog-hop encouraging the sharing of favorite “read to escape” books


Event Dates Event Title Event Host Event Information
December 31st- January 1st
Happy New Year!!
Eclectic Alli Something… something to celebrate the new year. Resolution sharing anyone?
January 15-January 20
Birthday and Un-birthday party!
Eclectic Alli A very merry un-birthday to you, to you. Or, happy birthday, if your birthday comes in that span. Either way, my Birthday is in here so, let’s have a Birthday/Unbirthday party!
January 25-31
At Seasons end!
Eclectic Alli Ah, the end of the _____ Season. I’m sure the proper way to celebrate will come to us as we approach it.


And that, my friends, bring THE SEASON to an end.

Help it all happen!  Participate in events, promote events, host your own events!  Let me know if you have something to add!

Possible Upcoming Events that are not yet scheduled:

Mishka Jenkins was possibly going to put together some things.

Silvia Writes, you mentioned loving blog-hops, want to host one?

Dawn Whitehand, a poetry party?  An art show?

Previous Months:


Event Dates Event Title (and link) Event Host Event Information
 September 21-27
Banned Book Blog Party
Hannah Givens Pick a book from the ALA list of banned books, share about the book and its importance to you in your own blog, tag others to post their own reflections and ping-back to Hannah’s post!
 September 21-27
Banned Book Awareness
Sheila (Book Journey) Sign up on her page!  Share a favorite banned book post, review a banned book, write about why banning is wrong, or a personal experience in your area…
 September 28 – October 3
 Female Characters Week
 Hannah Givens  A part of the Feminist Friday series, this will include recommendation lists throughout the week, seeking further recommendations, with a discussion post on Friday to explore the topic “strong female characters” in general.
Hop on over to share your recommendations, your favorite “strong female characters” or write your own posts exploring the topic!



Event Dates Event Title Event Host Event Information
  October 17-19
Stage To Screen Blogathon
The Rosebud Cinema and Rachel’s Theater Reviews A bunch of bloggers exploring screen adaptations of stage plays and musicals!
 October 25-31
Masquerade Ball
Eclectic Alli Participatory blog-hopping/storytelling/multi-media event!
October 31
Trick Or Treat Book Blog Hop
Patricia Lynne Trick-or-treating for Authors (and readers!)



Event Dates Event Title Event Host Event Information
November 1st
NaNoWriMo Kick-Off!
Eclectic Alli Some sort of great Kick-Off for the month of Novel Writing that many will be undertaking.  A day of fun!  Hopefully also a chance for us all to connect with other NaNo-ers here, on the NaNo site, and through other social media.
 November 3
 Who’s Your Hero?
 J.L. Campbell  In 300 words or less, tell the blogging community ‘Who’s Your Hero?”  Hop on over to Joy’s blog to sign up on the linky-list on the sidebar!  There will be incentives!
Mondays in November
Raevenly Writes Bring your characters for some fun time or relaxation. You don’t have to be participating in NaNo to take advantage of this event.
November 23-28
Lets Give Thanks
Eclectic Alli A week of celebrating Thankfulness.



15 thoughts on “The “Season””

  1. I may try to make you a banner if I have time… Sometimes I love my graphics and sometimes they’re unsalvageably awful, but how do you feel about pictures of people hobnobbing in London? 🙂

    FYI, female characters week is currently scheduled for next week, Sep 28-Oct 3. You can include it if you want or you can hold off, since it’s already part of the Feminist Friday series and could potentially be rescheduled. Basically I’m posting some recommendation lists throughout the week and seeking further recommendations, and then on Friday I’ll tie things up with the Feminist Friday discussion post on the topic of “strong female characters” in general. So, people are welcome to chime in with recs, and if they wanted to do posts of their own of course they’d be welcome!


  2. wow. This is impressive. Sadly, because of the way my schedule works, my “season” runs from Jan 2 to July 4, or thereabouts. Once you get into the spring, you might want to add the April A to Z Challenge. That’s a huge event that draws 2K bloggers or more. I’m already planning for it 🙂


    1. Well, my season ends as another starts 🙂 perfect! Depending on how this goes, and how crazy it makes me, I may just end up playing year round “activities coordinator/compiler”…. I have been accused of being a list-making, organizing kinda gal…


      1. I feel you. I’m an organizer, too. I overextended myself badly at the end of July, though, and my social media has suffered. Just recovering from it, really. Anyhoo, carry on! I’m happily pinning and tweeting the banned books posts, still. Looks like I’m not going to finish in one go. You folks have been busy this week!

        Liked by 1 person

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