“Blogging University:” Who am I?

So, I recently signed up for The Daily Posts “Blogger University: 101.”  It seemed like it might help me as I keep working on this blog — and although it might start out basic, I figure that I will likely learn a few things, and be challenged to keep writing.  Nothing wrong with going back to basics!

But, it means that my promised “regular” schedule is going to get thrown off a bit as I do the “Zero-to-Hero” daily challenges.  They’ll get their own category and everything, and I’ll try to stick to my 3-times-weekly updates as well.

The first assignment:  “Who am I, and Why am I here?”

I address some of this in my About Me page, but why not write a bit more? And why not write some things not covered in that page?

I’m Allison.

Though I named this blog Eclectic Alli, the reality is very few people call me Alli or Al, or any other nickname.  Pretty much I’ve always been Allison.  When it came time to name this blog I remember bouncing ideas off my roommate… and trying to think about what would best encompass what I wanted to do, and that might have some sort of ring to it.  Creating titles has always been one of my challenges…

I settled on Eclectic because, that’s the reality.  Though I know eventually this blog will find its focus (and, really, it has started to in just the last month or so), I didn’t want to trap myself in.

One of the things that has threaded throughout my life has been that I tend to diversify, and every time I try to limit myself in some way I end up pushing at those self-imposed boundaries.

Academically my studies have jumped about — though there are certainly some common threads, such as history and religion and an interest in the lesser-known or the “underdogs,” that have woven through many of them.

I love to read nearly anything that is handed to me — though I do gravitate to certain stories when left to my own devices.

I dabble in different crafts – learning to sew when I was in elementary school and crochet in college.  I make paper cranes, and sometimes create small hand-bound journals.  I hate following patterns when I sew (or crochet), or recipes when I bake (though I have learned to at least use them as a launching point), which can occasionally result in disaster — and often in the need for some creative problem solving as I go.

I love to take pictures, and am drawn to photographing the sky.  I like to pretend this has some deep significance, in that I am a dreamer, and the sky is a vast open space that reminds me of dreams.  But really, it might just be that I never outgrew that childhood impulse to lay on the grass and stare at the sky.

One of my pictures of night falling on the Oregon Coast
One of my pictures of night falling on the Oregon Coast

I enjoy sharing my thoughts and reflections.  I love to watch people learning new things, or exploring things in new ways.  I believe that there are very few solid answers in life, and that the best answers are ones that lead to more questions.  I like to consider myself a historian, a writer, a theologian, an educator, and a dreamer.  But I always feel a bit pretentious to claim such things.

I write this blog because of these things.  Because I love to write, because I love to share my writing, and because I hope that I can encourage others to follow their dreams, explore their own passions, and ask lots of questions in their life.


2 thoughts on ““Blogging University:” Who am I?

  1. ec·lec·tic

    deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.
    of, denoting, or belonging to a class of ancient philosophers who did not belong to or found any recognized school of thought but selected such doctrines as they wished from various schools.

    and this is what i found while reading your blog post and knowing you through this.
    i loved being surrounded with blogs like yours. so keep the spirit alive!

    Liked by 1 person

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