Who am I?

The first reaction I always have when I see that phrase is “2-4-6-0-1″…. so, that tells you something about me (or at least one of my interests/geek-doms).

Who am I?

That can be a very deep and complex question… but I’ll stick with the “easy” answers!

I am a writer, reader, and dreamer.

Writing is my passion and my focus.  I am currently working on a fantasy-novel and have tried my hand in the past at short-stories, sermons, essays, academic papers and poems. For that matter, I’ve also written manuals, newsletter bulletins, job-descriptions and mission statements.  While I enjoy some forms of writing more than others, the truth is that if I am getting to play with words — finding ways to describe things and convey information on the page — I am going to be happy.  I work a full time job, so my personal-writing has to happen in between the 8-5 grind.  I often spend my lunch-break writing, and then find time on the weekends to commit to my writing.

I’m a Geek, Nerd, and Dork (yes, I claim all three).   Passionate Geeks was born out of my interest in expanding people’s understanding of what it might mean to be a “Geek,” and because I feel like too often many of us aren’t given the chance to share those special geekdom’s that really hold our passion.

I have an MA in Religion and a BA in History and I love to research things.  There are certain eras and areas that hold my interest but I will happily dig into pretty much any realm of the past. If a religion topic comes up I will likely start geeking out.  If you put the history and the religion together (which they often can do quite easily) well… I will probably have something to say. 🙂

Much of my work-life has been in education – early-childhood, after-school programming, and youth work.  I have worked within daycare centers, churches, non-profit organizations, as a nanny, and in home-school co-ops.  I am an educator, and don’t think it’s something I could stop doing even if I wanted to.

I have a deep passion for history, and reading, and writing.  I’ve also enjoyed baking (with the added challenge of being gluten-free!) and sewing and beading.  Sometimes I pretend to be crafty (I can crochet! and sew! and make little journals!) but usually I stick with the written word as my art form.  I’m interested in genealogy, and old-stuff in general (collect old books, collect old photographs, dream about collecting old furniture and even older books).  Also, sometimes I get into a bit of a ramble.

So, in a kind of large nutshell – that’s me 🙂

[More “About Me,”  Written for “Blogger University”]


What’s This?

I have friends with food blogs, dessert blogs, lifestyle blogs, personal reflection blogs, business blogs, travel blogs….  I like to write, and though I spend much of the year without time to really blog, I like the idea of trying!  So here it is… updates to reflect my eclectic life.  A little bit of whatever may be catching my attention in life at the moment.

For a time I was updating sporadically, but have settled into a more consistent schedule.  It might be a reflection, it might be something I’m writing, it could be a project I’ve undertaken, or it could just be some pictures I’ve taken (I seem to have a fascination with the sky these days).  What can I say, I called this blog “eclectic” for a reason!


25 thoughts on “Who am I?”

  1. I’m such a quiet girl, I love to drew and read some story, but I’m not good in English. But it’s nice to meet your blog, and read some amazing words from you.

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  2. What an interesting introduction! I was also interested that you’re writing Disparate Threads, and I’m writing Enduring Threads!
    I have family arriving tonight for a week, so I’ll be off air for a bit. Thank you for your follow, and I look forward to catching up with you again soon. 🙂 ❤


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