#WeekendCoffeeShare : Time to Refuel and Refresh.

Join us for some coffee time!

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Last weekend I had such a great time on Saturday, dying yarn! I’d never done it before, so it was a complete learning experience for me. Blue Moon Fiber Arts apparently does an event like this annually, and it was so cool for them to open up their barn for us to all visit and try our hands at it! I’m pretty pleased with how my colors turned out, though a bit more muted than I had expected. One of the members of my “stitch-and-bitch” group did a really amazing job at his, the colors came really vibrant!

My yarn drying!

This weekend is, blissfully, clear. For the past few weeks I’ve been doing substitute childcare at a church on Sunday mornings, so my weekends have and at least one thing every day. But I’ve also had so many other things happening that it is really nice to be looking ahead to a completely open weekend!

There are some minimal errands that need to be done – preparing for my week-long camping trip that starts next Saturday, for instance! I’m really looking forward to that, but I’ll tell you more about it next weekend.

Aside from the errands, I just have a little list of things I need to do, and a few things I want to do. Mostly, though, it will be relaxing time. Reading some books, doing a bit of writing, playing with some yarn… giving myself the time to recharge so I can step into the next week.

It’s interesting to think about what helps different people do in order to recoup. There’s the basics, of course: sleeping, eating good food. But beyond that… how do I re-invigorate my creative self? What can I do in order to get my brain to engage with things outside of the day-to-day? I’ve come up with some basic things that work for me, often in the form of reading and writing, but I am curious about others.

What do you do when you need to get a little refueling?


21 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare : Time to Refuel and Refresh.

  1. Your yarn looks amazing! I had 4 alpacas for a while, and wanted to get into business making baby clothes out of alpaca fibers. It sounds like you have a great weekend, and week ahead of you. I bet you’re excited about that coming trip!
    When I need to relax, I like to either hike to the top of a mountain, with my dog, bringing only a sleeping bag and some good food. Then I sleep under the stars and meditate. Or if I’m at home, reading a good book always works 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I am itching to try some more dying. My love for ALL THE COLORS seems to actually work with yarn dying.
      I can’t quite hike to the top of a mountain, but your way of relaxing sounds a lot like mine. Being out in the natural world is certainly a favorite activity for me!

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      1. Maybe yarn dying is your thing 🙂 The colors are beautiful, and look both soft and happy at the same time. Nature is a great healer, of both body and mind.


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  3. When I need to refuel, I just stop. I’m usually overstimulated rather than understimulated, and if I just stop stimulating my brain, after a few days or a week it’ll start being creative on its own. 🙂 (But, if that’s not the issue… travel. Local or long-distance, always gets the juices flowing.)

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    1. Added it!
      I need to get into a daily writing habit again – even if it’s just a few sentences (but really, I should be able to manage a few paragraphs at least!) I should set myself a time to write each day. It can certainly help get the juices going.

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  4. Hi Alli.

    I’m glad to read that life is being kind to you. I’m seeing fun stuff.

    About your question: inspiration is such a fickle thing and being tired, overworked or under-worked can all be factors on any given day. Decent rest always helps as does mild exercise.

    I agree with Maria (Ms. Zen) that enjoying the outdoors also almost always works. But I also love to add good reading: anything from the Bible to authors who I know write well and are clever about how they unfold their thoughts with words. Reading good writing, for me, is like showering my brain – cleansing away my scrambled or incomplete thoughts, strengthening those which are weakly formed and suggesting topics I would like to explore.

    Sometimes though, I just need to stop trying so hard and let me mind or body work in other ways – to give those creative mental muscles a break. Humm, I’m not sure I’m helping much here.

    Well, I hope one of these points catalyzes some clear ideas for you. Have a great week.



    1. I really like how you think about reading good writing being like showering the brain. That resonates so much — when I’ve read a well written story the ideas seem to flow more and I feel generally lighter!


  5. Your yarn looks amazing. I am always intrigued by the creative talent there is in the blogging world. Thanks for hosting the linky so we can share our posts.


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