#WeekendCoffeeShare – Planning for a New Year, or sorts.

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As promised – last weekend consisted of SLEEPING. Lots, and lots of sleeping.

It really helped, and was a good reminder that I need to keep an eye on my activities better. I need to start saying “no” to things (even though it already feels like I’m saying No to so many things), allowing myself the time to sit and relax.

Before my surgeries in April I undertook some massive cleaning and organizing efforts – and they went pretty well, but the extended recovery time and challenge I’ve been facing since then has led to new piles of STUFF everywhere. I already had a few boxes/bags of things I wanted to garage sale, and I’m going to go through and add more to these piles this weekend. I WANT to sell them, there’s a bunch and I could do a decent garage sale with it, but at the same time I just want it gone. Part of me is thinking about just putting some of it up on my local buy-nothing group to give away for free, and part is thinking of just donating it somewhere to be done with it. But… it would be nice to see if I could bring in a little bit of money from it all first. However, I am nowhere near able to run a garage sale this summer (I don’t think) so the idea of storing it all for a year….

Maybe I could put something together for September. Something to think about.

Came across this the other day… it may or may not be me when I start attempting to sort my books…

I’m trying to set myself some goals for August. Even though my life doesn’t exactly follow the academic year (I do work in higher-education, but it’s year-round work so the shift between “school year” and “summer” is a somewhat mild one), I still see the fall as a sort of New Year. Even more than the the one that comes January 1st, if I’m being honest. Moving into the fall has the feeling of a pronounced shift for me, and I want to be intentional this year about moving into it.

August, being the month that leads into “the fall” (at least in my head) is a month for preparations. So, here are some of my goals:

  • Continue to heal. I’m going to keep doing the physical therapy, keep testing out shoes to see if my swollen foot has shrunk enough to fit, keep pushing myself to walk just a little bit more. By September I’d like to be up to the point of resuming some of my normal walking, and be even closer to my normal range-of-motion. I think I can do it.
  • Continue to put steps into place for my health. This involves carving out some time for certain activities, and being intentional about planning for meals during the week, things like that.
  • Get organized. Get my room all cleaned up and sorted, finally figure out what’s up with the wonky-internet connection I keep having, store away those clothes that I’m just not wearing (or put them into the “get rid of” box), maybe even put some books into the “get rid of” box. Maybe.
  • Get my Little Free Library built. I have some of the pieces, I have some of the plans, I just need to make it all come together into the THING IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE. And there are pretty small amount of weekends that my building-experts are around so, I’ve got to plan with them (or, maybe put it off till September. If that’s what has to happen, then that’s what has to happen, but I’d like to get it built, and the books I’m going to put in it would like it to be built too!).
  • Do some blog work.  Before I know it September will be here – and with it comes Banned Books Week.  While I may have fallen behind on some (okay, most) of my reading goals this year, I fully intend to do something for Banned Books Week again, and that means I’ve got to get reading – and writing!
  • Take time to sit and just be. Start writing in my journal again… at some point I fell into this idea that I actually had to be SAYING something in my journal, instead of using it as a place to just sort ideas and free-form on whatever thoughts might come my way. And that led me to a lot of time NOT writing. So, I need to start writing again, sorting and free-thinking while I get my mind organized.

That’s a pretty good list, wouldn’t you say? To help it all along, I’m going to be gone for an entire week this month – camping at Waldo Lake again! It will be spectacular to be out there on (and in) that water. It’s a magical place for me, so I am looking forward to it.

This weekend, though, it’s organizing and cleaning.

Oh, and dying yarn. I signed up to participate in a yarn-dying event on Saturday – so that will be fun!

What are you up to this weekend?



16 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Planning for a New Year, or sorts.

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  2. It sounds like you have it all figured out. I like the idea of lists. It makes it easier. I use them a lot.
    I’m actually going to school tomorrow. I’m taking a refresher on First Aid, and CPR. It was such a long time ago since I got my certificate, that I’d like to do it again. Sunday I’m working in the morning, and hopefully relaxing after that 🙂

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  3. I too look at September as New Year. August becomes a scramble to prepare for the new school year and stretch summer out as much as possible. Be well.


  4. I hope you continue to heal and purge which is a form of healing! And your to-do list sounds wonderful. I dislike clutter so I tend to go through and donate stuff all year and the way I part with things I don’t really need but have an attachment to is by reminding myself that I’m not “getting rid” of it, I’m “sharing” it with someone else who will appreciate and enjoy it. 😊


  5. Taking time to rest is important. On to that cartoon, why is “The Great Gatsby” in the to get rid of pile!. I would even question the “World Cheeses”, and who knows when you’ll need that fourth grade text book again? That “Books to Sell” stack is way to big!


  6. I understand what you mean by August being the start of a new year of sorts. I work for a school district and summer is a weird time of renewal and beginnings for me same as January. I think your goals are great and after reading them I may sit down and sketch out a list of my own. A list of “midyear resolutions”. Thanks for the coffee and the inspiration and good luck in the coming week!


  7. Whew! I’m tired just reading about all you’re going to do. Hope you manage to get it done, though. I generally don’t wait to put stuff in yard sales, because I don’t want the extra work involved. I load it into my trunk and take it to the local pantry. They take almost everything and even wash or clean it up before putting it out, and then they sell everything at yard sale prices. People who need the items but can’t afford regular store prices still have a place to shop for a huge variety of products.


  8. That’s quite a list. Glad to see your recovery items at the top as those must be your priorities.
    Referring to your: “I need to start saying “no” to things (even though it already feels like I’m saying No to so many things), allowing myself the time to sit and relax.” I whole heartedly agree. I find it hard to do, but it must be done. So cheering you on with saying “no” 🙂


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