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Hello weekend! Weekends really are strange for me right now, because it’s just a shift in work. Though it is quite a shift – the library internship is extremely different form the regular job! And I work less hours each day for it, so that’s another difference. But I sit at my chair at my desk for both those jobs (and most of my other work) so the differences sometimes don’t seem so great.

I did get a new chair though. I realized that if I’m going to be spending most of my time sitting at my desk for the foreseeable future, I had best have a chair that was going to be more comfortable and better for my back. Cool hidden feature of the chair I got? It has a lower back massage feature. I could definitely get used to that.

It’s been HOT here, so the fan has been going on my back most of the days, which has made things much more bearable. I knew it was getting hot when even Monster decided to retreat out of the sun and hide out in a dark corner. He is back to enjoying the catio today though, and even spent some time this morning running around like a wild-one, trying to catch a moth, and a spider, and some invisible bugs. He even let me help him find where the spider had gone at one point – probably the only time he’ll actually listen to me.

I got to enjoy the catio a bit one day too! Earlier this week, before it got too hot, I decided I wanted to hang out there for a bit. It was pretty nice, though it reminded me of some of the repairs I wanted to make around there. Reinforcing some things, creating something that can serve as a backrest for me when I’m out there, and putting up a new climbing feature for Monster. The broken toe got in the way of getting it done earlier this spring when I had some time, so now it’s on hold until my schedule clears up a little in August.

Though, I DO get a few days off this coming week! Because of how some things are falling I get the 2nd and the 4th of July off! I’ll be going to a doctors appointment on the 2nd – one that got rescheduled due to COVID. Finally getting a shot into my hip/back to see if it helps this pinched nerve that’s been bothering me for a few years. Other than that I’m going to take that day COMPLETELY off, from homework and everything. I’m working on some (online) social plans with friends. THEN I get the 4th off, though I plan to use that doing some serious homework catch up (and… maybe even get ahead of the game? Maybe?) One of my professors moved the deadline of a big assignment so that it’s due the 5th (instead of the 1st), which makes me quite pleased.

That’s pretty much me at this point. How are you all doing?

12 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Right… this is the weekend?

  1. Tonight we are celebrating my wife’s Daytime Emmy Awards nomination – and “The Kelly Clarkson Show” has 7 nominations total – we will celebrate the nominations no matter who wins! Champagne and Caviar are being refrigerated now!

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  2. Hope your injection works. Mine haven’t been much help and I do know that it helps some so it is simply my problem. They don’t work for me and the pain medication isn’t much help either. I never react like other people do which means mostly things don’t work for me. I hope you are different than me and get the relief you are hoping for. I am getting the other side of my spine injected on July 9th. Not much time in between since the other one was done on the 17th of June. New doctor, new rules.

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    1. Yeah, we’ll see if it works. My body is strange in that sometimes it responds well to things, and sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes it responds in not-so-helpful ways. I’ve been dealing with (read: trying to ignore it) for a few years now, since other things were more pressing… I do hope it helps though! I’m sorry it hasn’t worked for you 😦

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      1. The thing is I have to keep trying because pain managment believes in it so whether it works or not I have to do it over and over. Isn’t that the description of insanity LOL! Hopefully they will work for both of us.

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  3. What are you doing for the library internship? I had a library internship in 2018 that I loved. I worked with great people and enjoyed creating online staff trainings. I also got to go on the bookmobile and serve the public.


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