#WeekendCoffeeShare : Starting Week 3

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Hello my friends.

It’s nice to “see” you all here again – I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. It can be frightening out there right now, so we need to be taking care of ourselves and one another however we can.

This is the start of Week Three of “stay-at-home” for me… it feels like far more time has passed, time is so strange at this point.

No matter what situation you’re in right now, please make sure to take time to care for yourself. Whatever that looks like, it’s important to do. On Wednesday this week I had a day where I just became non-functional. My pre-existing anxiety has been a struggle with all of this, and it just hit the point where I needed to take a break from everything.

I slept, I cried, I didn’t worry about being productive on anything at all. Today I’m feeling much better from it. It was just what I needed to do.

So please, take some time to do your thing. To relax and step away from it all for even just a moment. Our mental and emotional health is very important to be paying attention to as well right now.

Sending you all love and well wishes. Take care of yourselves!!


11 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare : Starting Week 3

  1. Awe, stay strong during these times, and it’s good to take days to take care of you. I have to tune out too sometimes. It can all be very overwhelming. Mental health and well being is definitely very important! ❤️🥰


  2. I lived part-time in Chicago for 5 years, and today I shared a “virtual” walk down the city’s “Riverwalk, which has been closed due to the pandemic. Helps to remember getting outside more while we are all “sheltering at home!”

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  3. Thinking of you, Ali. I should’ve noted when I started bunkering down at home. However, it’s such an unusual state of affairs for me, although avoiding people like the plague feels very strange. At least, the dogs were able to socialize down at the beach until things inevitably turn sour.
    On the anxiety front, I’m not sure if I’d call being concerned about the coronavirus anxiety or a justified response. This fear is not something we’ve manufactured out of nothing but is a justified response as long as it doesn’t turn to panic and hoarding toilet paper. Yet, somehow we need to manage and live with this heightened stress without freaking out or being too laissez-faire and taking risks. I try and use visualization to keep a handle on things and I’m putting a lot of energy into my WWI research project so I can feel I’m doing something constructive. Now, more than ever it’s important to have meaning, a point to our existence. Have you read Viktor Frankl’s: The Search for Meaning”? It’s a great read, especially atm.
    Take care and just do and be what you can and be kind to yourself.
    Best wishes,


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