Unbirthday Party 2015

Taliana waited until she was well out of earshot before she started to laugh.  The twinkle in her fathers eyes at that request… she knew that he would have a grand time with his newest project.

“Are you enjoying yourself dear?” Her mother appeared suddenly, and Taliana realized that she must have been outside the wards.

“I am.  Did you see Uncle Envier?”

“Yes, I was helping him settle… and convincing him that we can experiment with new warding ideas later.” Her mother had a look of loving exasperation, and Taliana smiled.  Uncle Envier’s visits always brought with them some sort of excitement.

“Is everything else going well?

“Of course darling,” her mother didn’t look particularly worn down and Taliana found it easy to believe her, “Most of the guests are behaving themselves.”

“Have you run into any trouble with the Light and Dark realms? I think there was a bit of an encounter…” Taliana could see the threads seeming to be slightly more settled.

“Don’t be worrying yourself about that, not tonight,” Her mom laughed, “You handled the Author already, I know your father was pleased to have an extra task tonight.”

“It didn’t seem an unreasonable request,” Taliana wished she knew how her mother managed to carry so much knowledge about what was happening… she just hoped someday she were able to read the threads well enough to be able to keep such an eye on things without having to run about the place.  “And the Wish Granterswere having a great time, talking theory and whatnot.”

“I saw, have you figured out your wish yet?”

Taliana simply shook her head, the wish was always the hardest part.

“Well, you’d best figure that out, before the night is up… and I do believe you have  a thread to chase perhaps?”  She glanced knowingly at the green thread weaving its way through the patterns.

“It just seems to be calling to me, it’s different from the other threads…” She stuttered, feeling her face blush with embarrassment, the only task she’d been given was to ignore the threads and yet…

“It has a story to it, indeed,” Her mother nodded, resting a hand gently on Taliana’s shoulder, “and if you want to celebrate your birthday by tracing that story well… that is your decision to make.”

“Have you ever seen a thread like it before?  The way it’s winding in and out of things, almost making itself a part of the wards….”

“I have not.  It doesn’t seem to be causing any trouble though, and I’m not concerned about it.”  She gave a small laugh, and had a look in her eyes that Taliana knew well — she thought chasing that thread was a waste of time, but wasn’t about to stop Taliana from following it.  If that was what she wanted.  “Did I see Mariska and Tyler dancing together?”

“Yes,” Taliana grinned, “I finally managed to get them to start talking, though… I realized that I usually spend these parties visiting or dancing with one or the other of them…”

“Ah, yes,” Her mother shook her head, “partnering up your two best friends does leave you a bit adrift…. I’m sure after this party they’ll be able to split their time better.”

“I know they will,”  Taliana knew her friends well enough to know that neither one would leave her drifting through party’s alone for too long.  They had kept so much going behind the scenes, completely unasked, during the Masque that she knew they would always be there for her.  “For now, though, I have a thread to follow.”

“Have fun, darling,” her mother vanished into the crowd, leaving Taliana to continue her meandering.


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