Unbirthday Party 2015

Questions were churning around the party, Taliana could see the threads coiling through the room. Peaceful collisions, nothing very out of the ordinary, but she knew that there were going to be some questions. With a smile she slipped into another room — which just happened to be the room that green thread was weaving its way into — she spent the last party chasing someone, it was fun to think that perhaps this party there would be people trying to seek her out to explain things. But Taliana knew that there were lots of things that simply couldn’t be explained… at least, not in ways that the people with the questions could understand.


Taliana noticed the authors threads, winding through the room, they were nearby, she could see that. After the troubles at the Masque, Taliana couldn’t help but wonder what she was up to this time. Or, rather, what her party encounters were like — some people always ended up having the most interesting times at these party’s. Taliana knew what those threads looked like, they acted a certain way, drew certain attention — and the author certainly had one of those threads.

Taliana wandered back through the crowd, basking in how much all the guests seemed to be enjoying themselves, only partially following that green thread (she told herself) as it wound back into the main room.


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