Unbirthday Party 2015

Taliana felt a chill settle over her and realized that she had been standing out in the cold for some time.  She loved the yearly visits with Havrik — they wrote letters throughout the year, but she only got to see him at her birthday.  Since she could remember he would appear out of nowhere, twirl her into a dance, visit a little bit, and then wait around the edges of the party until she had figured out her wish.  One wish, for the entire year… and she learned very early that such wishes had to be chosen carefully.

Picking a wish also was the kind of thing that often seemed to come on its own, and she had to trust that at some point during the evening the perfect wish would come to her.  For now, though, back to the party — she owed it to herself to venture from the grand hallway, to see the decorations her father had decided on, and to see what other worlds might have opened a passage to the party.

A familiar voice caught her attention as she entered the room and Taliana turned to look towards the source of the voice.  Though it had been a number of years since she’d seen or heard from him, Envier’s voice sounded the same as always.  A grin broke across her face as she pushed through the growing crowd, running with little warning to tackle her uncle in a hug, knocking the bags right out of his hands.  Her running tackle was greeted with a hearty laugh and warm embrace.

“You made it!” She exclaimed as she finally left the hug, “Mother wasn’t sure that you’d make it.”

“Well, I wasn’t quite sure myself,” he looked around the room, “glad I did, Taerik has really outdone himself this time.”

“This isn’t even the half of it,” Taliana laughed, “are you going to be staying past the party, or is this just a short visit?”

“I’ve managed to carve some time out of things to spend a while,” Uncle Envier had a mischievous sparkle in his eyes, “I’ve been seriously negligent in my addition to your education as Keeper of the Threads, so it’s about time I taught you what I know. Since I assume Anelia hasn’t shared all the really great stuff.”

“I have my doubts Mother would want you teaching me whatever it is you have to share… I can’t wait!”  Taliana grinned broadly.  Her mother would sometimes slip-up and share some of the stories from her childhood, the trouble her adventuresome, world-hopping, brother had sometimes gotten into.

“I look forward to it, now, I’m going to find my way back to the guest room,” he picked up the bag that had been dropped, “we’ll have plenty of time to chat later.”

“I look forward to it,” Taliana followed him to the hallway but then parted ways as he left the party and she began to make her way further into the crowds.

Meanwhile, others were beginning to prepare.


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