Unbirthday Party 2015

Taliana left the room following the green thread further and further through the party.  It truly was a spectacular party, and she made sure to pause to say hello to as many people as she could.  But that green thread drew her attention, it seemed to be  part of the very fabric of things, at some points almost ingraining itself into the wards around the edges of the party, and happily played through all the different worlds.

She followed it through them, to the place where it passed the wards, beyond those places any of the guests could see.  Smiling as she followed the thread she laughed at the faint tickling sensation she felt as she passed through her mothers wards, and at the thought of what any guests might see — to them, it would simply appear that she had melted into a wall.

The thread wound through the hallway and Taliana found herself once again at the library — the threads seemed to both come from, and give to the library, ebbing and flowing in a way she couldn’t quite understand.  In the library it clearly flowed from one book, a specific book that instantly pulled at memories of the last party she had had.

The Book of Evegran. Taliana held the book in her hands, the noise of the party barely a whisper through the library walls.  This book seemed to be garnering a lot of attention, and she couldn’t help but wonder why.  Every single part of her wanted to curl up in a chair and look closer at the book.  What did it say of the hopes and dreams of this world?  Why had that man wanted to destroy it at the Masque,  and why was it now calling to her?

But she knew that she couldn’t just abandon the party.  She had to return, there were still more people to greet, more rooms to visit.  Though most of her friends would understand if she vanished to read this — they were her friends and knew her well enough — but still, she knew she had to wait before she could read this.  And even then, she had to be prepared for the fact that the answers might not be in the book.

Gently she placed the Book of Evegran on one of the tables in the room, the one that traditionally held the books she was planning to read.

“Soon,” she promised the book, the thread that wove from the book, “soon I will read you, and I will do what I can to figure out why you are calling to me.”

Taking a moment to put up a few extra barriers around the book (just in case) Taliana made her way back to the party.  Ideas for her birthday wish had begun to take form and she had to find Havrik for that final dance.


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