Find a mentor and supporter. Be a mentor and supporter.

Today would have been Grandma’s 92nd Birthday. I dedicate today’s post to her. Grandma was a newspaper-woman. I knew this from a young age, it was a part of her identity. She wasn’t just Grandma; she was Grandma, a newspaper-woman who was a voracious reader. She is the one I have to thank for the … Continue reading Find a mentor and supporter. Be a mentor and supporter.

Giving yourself a break!

I had a post in mind for this months Insecure Writer's Support Group post... But then I got slammed with feeling sick, overwhelmed, and on buses that wanted to run late. So instead I write this, on my phone while waiting to get home after a long day (and briefly edit before heading to work … Continue reading Giving yourself a break!

A Letter to my Younger Self

What advice would you give your younger self?  It's an interesting question to think about, what advice would I give?  I was reminded of this idea when I came across Writer Unboxed's, "Letter to my Aspiring Writer Self."  School now in full-swing for many, I am finding myself thinking back to when I was starting … Continue reading A Letter to my Younger Self