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You’re Cordially Invited…

You are cordially invited to attend Taliana’s  Garden Party!


Garden Party MasterHaving returned from her journey through different worlds, following the eventful Birthday Party and, of course, the Masque that started it all, Taliana has decided to throw a Garden Party — in the hopes of getting to have a fun time with friends after an eventful year.

Please join us for another story-telling, blog-hopping event.  Friends (old and new) are invited to craft a short story for the event.  Simply post it on your blog between July 15th and 19th, with a link-back to the kickoff post (which will go up at 6 am PST on the 15th).

The “Rules” of the event:

  1. Post your contribution between July 15th and July 19th and include a link-back to the original story page.
  2. Please set the story in a garden that could be part of a large estate garden.  This will help to create a labyrinth-like maze of garden spaces which Taliana can wander through.
  3. Include either:
    1. A ghostly shadow or mysterious figure that is observed to the side of the action.
    2. Something unusual or out of place within the world your story takes place.

Looking forward to the party – I sure hope you can attend!




If We Were Having Coffee — storytelling!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you about how excited I am about the events coming this week.   Taliana’s event starts Sunday morning, which I’m very excited about!  This time around I’ve been doing some collaborative writing with friends for the event and am really enjoying that!  Each person has their own style of writing and way of going about the story so it’s been fun to navigate that with them.  I’m hoping that we’ll have more participants too… looking forward to the challenge!

Added to the challenge (and, honestly, the fun) is that Taliana’s event ends after A to Z starts.  Which means there is going to be some overlap — particularly since the theme I chose is “Telling Tales.”  I have some guest-posters in the month, which I’m excited about!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that the storytelling theme of my days lately continued at the Longreads Story Mixer I went to Friday night.  It was part of the WordPress “Press Publish” event (which I sadly was unable to make it to on Saturday).

It was great to meet Kate, Audrey and Marziah, talk some blogging and writing talk, enjoy amazing food and hear great stories!

Food was amazing
The food and drinks were absolutely wonderful. I had forgotten how great it is to attend events in Portland that actually have Gluten-Free options, and CLEARLY label them. Yes, they even had GF crackers to eat with my cheese!
Nathaniel Friedman ("Bethlehem Shoals")
Nathaniel Friedman (“Bethlehem Shoals”) told the first story and got us all laughing.
Meaghan O'Connell
Meaghan O’Connell followed with a story about her writing of “A Birth Story.”
Nancy Rommelmann
Nancy Rommelmann followed with the tale of the history of her writing of “Destination Gacy.”
Aaron Scott
Finally Aaron Scott told the story of his writing of “The Lost Album of Okinawa”

How has your week been?  Do you have any plans for the coming week?

Today’s post is a part of the Weekend Coffee Share, graciously hosted by Part Time Monster every weekend! A time for us to come together, share a cup of coffee (or our beverage of choice) to share some of what is going on in our lives.  It’s a lovely check-in time.

A Writer’s Thanks

Yesterday I started to delve back to my childhood with a Thankfulness game (please join the fun!), as part of my week of Thankfullness (please, join me, share your posts!)

I’ve been thinking a bit about those things that I am thankful for which come with being a fiction writer.  The more I think about it, the longer the list, but there is one thing that is standing out to me just now, the way that writing helps me to expand my ability to connect with an array of emotions.  To place myself, for moments, in the shoes of others.

When my characters are in a certain state, I try, at the very least to imagine that emotion.  This has its downsides… characters in grief, or suffering, can be hard to write, and sometimes if I dig too deep and don’t have the proper time to work my way back to reality I can carry their emotions and frustrations into the real world.  But sometimes there is a very bright side.  They can make me laugh, lift my spirits, and give me hope just as easily as they can make me sad, angry, or frustrated.

Right now I am working with two characters who are very much in love.  They’ve been in love a long time, so they aren’t at that lovey-dovey stage… rather the comfortable point where they have a long-standing friends and deeper emotions tied up within it.  They can exchange a great deal of meaning with a look or glance, and know one another well enough that there isn’t a lot of time spent having to explain themselves, instead being able to talk about what they are in the middle of, what is to come.  They are comfortable with one another, and know that they can be themselves.

I recently wrote a scene where the two of them were having the opportunity to create a story together, one that was theoretically about themselves (to fool someone else).  I was grinning at my computer like a mad-woman, laughing as they riffed off of one another to create the story while exchanging looks of silent communication.  And, for a brief moment, I got to enjoy that feeling.  Drawing on relationships of my own, bits and pieces that are, or have been, similar I am able to put my own emotional and relational understandings into their characters.   Since they are their own characters, not simply mimics of me, I also have the joy of seeing the scene unfold, living in the brief moments of them being themselves and just having fun.  As I was writing this particular scene (which very well may not end up in the final draft) I had that great feeling that comes with reading a good book.  I was there experiencing the story as it unfolded.  In that moment, I felt the characters become real… and it was a powerful feeling.  A silly little scene, nothing highly important to the plot, nothing that needs to happen — just them sitting there having fun, playing a little joke on the main characters niece.  Being relaxed and being themselves — and I love that I was able to share in the experience, share in the moment.

It is powerful, and I am so thankful that I am able to do such a thing as part of my craft.

If you are a writer or musician or artist, what are some of those moments within your work that you are thankful for?  Or what is it about the work of others that you are thankful for?  Or… anything else?