You’re Cordially Invited…

You are cordially invited to attend Taliana's  Garden Party!   Having returned from her journey through different worlds, following the eventful Birthday Party and, of course, the Masque that started it all, Taliana has decided to throw a Garden Party -- in the hopes of getting to have a fun time with friends after an eventful … Continue reading You’re Cordially Invited…


If We Were Having Coffee — storytelling!

If we were having coffee I'd tell you about how excited I am about the events coming this week.   Taliana's event starts Sunday morning, which I'm very excited about!  This time around I've been doing some collaborative writing with friends for the event and am really enjoying that!  Each person has their own style … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee — storytelling!

A Writer’s Thanks

Yesterday I started to delve back to my childhood with a Thankfulness game (please join the fun!), as part of my week of Thankfullness (please, join me, share your posts!) I've been thinking a bit about those things that I am thankful for which come with being a fiction writer.  The more I think about it, the longer … Continue reading A Writer’s Thanks