Let the Festivities Begin!

Taliana spun around the room, enjoying the way that her skirt fanned out around her.  She felt like a child again, spinning and laughing as the shimmering fabric sent sparkles of light all around her.  It was a minor illusion, bits of light shooting through the closest threads, but her father had been so excited … Continue reading Let the Festivities Begin!


Celebrate the Small Things – Party Planning! (#15)

A weekly Blog-Hop, hosted by VikLit , Diana Wilder, LG Keltner, Katie, CaffeMaggieato where we celebrate those small things. [Edit: Now hosted by Lexa Cain -- thanks for taking this on!~] Today I celebrate the coming together of birthday plans for next weekend.  I took my actual birthday off (the 16th), so I have a four day weekend! I'll be … Continue reading Celebrate the Small Things – Party Planning! (#15)

You’re Invited! An Unbirthday Adventure!

The Season has fallen a bit apart in the past month -- a live and learn situation -- but there is an event that I intend to still undertake, and I need participants! After the great fun (and I think success) of the (first annual) Masquerade Ball, it is time for another party/blog-hop. January 15th through January 21st … Continue reading You’re Invited! An Unbirthday Adventure!