Z is for Zoo! If we were having coffee – at the zoo!

Today rounds up our month of travel with the Eclectic Express, and where better to end the journey than a sunny-day trip to the Zoo? I'm particularly fond of the Oregon Zoo -- perhaps because it's the zoo that I've spent the most time at since I grew up not far from it.  I'll admit, … Continue reading Z is for Zoo! If we were having coffee – at the zoo!

W is for Waldo Lake

We're approaching the end of the journey on the Eclectic Express and I hope you've enjoyed the ride! ¬†We've gone all over the place, so today I want to take a trip today to a place that followers of this blog will be familiar with. Waldo Lake. We've visited the lake before, it's an important … Continue reading W is for Waldo Lake

C is for Crater Lake

Hope you all enjoyed our day of travel yesterday, as we chugged our way across the country, enjoying some coffee together! Today we find ourselves up at Crater Lake.  Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States, and the 9th deepest in the world. It's a beautiful lake, and the train will stop … Continue reading C is for Crater Lake