The Power of Art: Allegiance

George Takei has not been quiet about his experience, helping to raise up the experiences of 120,000 Japanese-Americans during the Second World War. The United States labeled these citizens as enemies, and imprisoning them into "internment camps." Allegiance is the story of a Japanese American family living through this time. It's a powerful musical performance, … Continue reading The Power of Art: Allegiance

Into The Woods… The Movie Review

Into The Woods: The Movie Review (and more) "Children may not obey, But children will listen. Children will look to you For which way to turn, To learn what to be." I already wrote about my thoughts, hopes, and worries about the movie version of this show a few months back for a Stage-To-Screen Bloghop. Then … Continue reading Into The Woods… The Movie Review

Stage To Screen: Into The Woods and General Reflections

This is a part of The Stage to Screen Blogathon, hosted by The Rosebud Cinema  and Rachel’s Theater Reviews .  For more great reviews of theater production adaptations for the screen, be sure to visit their pages! Into The Woods Composed by Stephen Sondheim Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim Playwright: James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim Movie Directed by … Continue reading Stage To Screen: Into The Woods and General Reflections