If We Were Having Coffee #21

My espresso machine is still novel enough to be exciting, and I just acquired some cool cups and saucers so have the ability to serve up little cups of espresso, lattes, things like that for coffee today.  I'm still working on my milk-frothing skills though so... it won't necessarily look pretty -- I'll get there … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee #21


Returning to the Masque

Taliana eased out of a doorway.  The Author (Authors?) had quite the situation on their hands it seemed.  Meanwhile, she needed to make sure that things were still in order at the party -- neglecting the threads would mean trouble, and there was this mystery man in the green cloak to track down. Carefully she … Continue reading Returning to the Masque

The Ball Continues: On the Hunt

Taliana backed out of the room neatly as quickly as she’d opened it. A brief glance was enough to know what needed to be done, she had to straighten things out, but then seal the room. The axe wielder would be able to do more good undisturbed, no one coming in. Though she did spend some time to try and give some aid, threads of strength. This one, she’d have to ask her mother for help here when she returned, make sure they’d done all they could.
Taking a breath she followed the green thread in a bit of a daze, more out of habit than anything, and hardly even noticed the door she was entering until she felt that familiar falling sensation again. The Author… on a chase of her own.

Raevenly Writes

If you’re just now tuning in, you’ve got a little catching up to do! For a proper introduction to EclecticMasque, check out Alli’s home post. For the first entry in my adventures with the Masquerade, start here, then follow Caitlin and me through the house until you’ve caught up with me here…

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