E is for Endinburgh

Today's tour guide is David of Comparative Geek! You find yourself at a Natural History museum. You start on the bottom floor, and find yourself with the oldest stuff. Prehistory. You work your way up the building, floor to floor, working your way at the same time through history. Finally, at the top floor, you … Continue reading E is for Endinburgh


Do We Ever Fully Know Our Worlds?

Recently I've seen articles floating around about J.K. Rowling saying that she supports a theory in Harry Potter that has Dumbledore representing Death. One, in particular caught my eye because of a quote at the end: "The world [J.K. Rowling] created is as surprising to her at times as it is for all of us." - Kevin … Continue reading Do We Ever Fully Know Our Worlds?

Banned Books Week: Harry Potter and the Handwritten Warnings

Wow.. I’ve never seen one of these “here is what this book is actually about” sheets taped into a book! Interesting reflection… and as always, it’s interesting to learn the way that things can differ so greatly from region to region.

Hannah Reads Books

Doesn’t that sound like a Harry Potter title? 😉 Bear with me through the Harry Potter remembrances, I do have a point.

Amazon Amazon

Over the weekend, while Banned Books Week was getting under way, I saw various blog posts listing popular and well-respected books that have been challenged. Harry Potter is usually on the list, and there have been SO many comments saying “Harry Potter? Really? Why?” and things of that nature.

If you missed the Harry Potter controversy, I envy you. (Not only) in Alabama, it was a huge deal. Parents had meetings. There were ban attempts. People wrote and read books about whether or not it was demonic or would entice children into witchcraft. (Thankfully they seem to have fallen off the radar — I can’t find the one I remember most or I would link it.) It was common to broach the subject in a deeply apologetic…

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