“I Should….” The Way to Write?

Some lessons appear in so many different parts of your life that it’s hard to ignore them. Over the past few years I have been downright hit over the head with the message, “We all travel our own paths, at our own paces.” If my life were a novel I would accuse the author of … Continue reading “I Should….” The Way to Write?

Freestyle Writing Challenge!

Hannah Givens challenged me to a Freestyle Writing Challenge.... Which, I'll admit, kinda scares me.  The writing that I've posted so far has been draft-material... but it's still been REVISED drafts!  This calls for a full blown rough draft!  Free-write material! Hannah gave a prompt, which I read as I started the clock for fifteen … Continue reading Freestyle Writing Challenge!

Xander and the xoanon

Xander sheathed his xiphos, looked at the xoanon that had fallen from the sky.  The thing had landed on the head of a xerus.  Not that xerus’ were normally found around here, but a local xenophile had important a bunch of them, along with some xanthoxyl.  Xolani promised, after the xylophagan infestation that such exotic … Continue reading Xander and the xoanon