Feminist Friday: The Myth of “Girl Stories”

When I asked my friends for fantasy book recommendations for an 11 year old, they had many wonderful  suggestions.  I hadn't mentioned the gender of the child in the original post and a few posters made assumptions which appeared to influence the recommendations they gave (much to their chagrin).  When I noticed this was happening I pointed it … Continue reading Feminist Friday: The Myth of “Girl Stories”


Making him “Feel Like a Man”… This is an issue….

[Revisions have been made since the original post, as some have pointed out my passion about this issue took forms that could be misconstrued to draw away from my actual point.  Additionally, a longer response to the author of the original post  (in response to her comment) is underway and will appear in the comments. … Continue reading Making him “Feel Like a Man”… This is an issue….

Finding Feminism: A Personal Reflection

  Taking a real twist on the Daily Press "Memoir" challenge....   This is one of those posts that, having thought about, written and revised, I find myself scared to post.   Which probably means I really need to post it.   As I committed to posting it, more came to me, more that I felt I … Continue reading Finding Feminism: A Personal Reflection