Taliana’ Spring Adventure Concludes (8)

Read Taliana's Spring Adventure from the start, or jump right in for this last installment. For the first time in what seemed like forever Taliana knew where she was.  Everything was so familiar to her though she couldn't quite explain why.  It wasn't a world she had been to before, yet it felt as familiar … Continue reading Taliana’ Spring Adventure Concludes (8)


Taliana’s Spring Adventure Begins! (1)

Welcome to the next of Taliana's Events!  I'd love for you to join us -- if you decide to write a post for this be sure to link to this post so that I can find your post. Unlike previous events, Taliana is not inviting you all to a party, rather she is on an … Continue reading Taliana’s Spring Adventure Begins! (1)

Does Gender matter in Book Recommendations?

The vast majority of my friends could be categorized as "readers."  It's pretty common these days for me to come across Facebook posts by friends requesting book recommendations, for themselves, their children, friends....  And these requests are often followed by long threads of recommendations.  It's one of the things I adore about my friends, they … Continue reading Does Gender matter in Book Recommendations?