At Evenings End

Taliana tethered the threads as best she could, warding the doors and hoping that they succeeded in finding their friends and fighting the Shade.  After she felt things were secure, she returned to her own hunt, following the thread with a deep determination. She followed the thread until she came to a point that stopped … Continue reading At Evenings End


The Ball Continues: Threads Unraveled

Carefully Taliana eases herself away from the room, the world here. Back to the ballroom at her house, with the feeling that there would be so much more to learn, so much more to untangle, and so much more to do before the next party. Next year… Taliana shook her head, next year would depend on this year, and this year — there was still this man, racing through the party, up to something. Making her way through the now-again-crowded ballroom, she kept her eyes to the threads, glancing occasionally through the crowd. There was James, greeting guests, unaware that a copy of him existed in another world, if but briefly. Yet more she would have to explain after the party was done.
The green-cloaked man’s thread stretched further and she pushed further through the ballroom.

Raevenly Writes

Finally, the conclusion you’ve all been waiting for…

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Masquerade III

Taliana smiled. It was rare she got to see those moments, people shaping her rooms to meet their needs, finding things they didn’t even know they were looking for.
But she could only pause a moment, there was too much to do still, and time was running short.
Suddenly something else caught her eye… two figures, she could see their threads appear with them.
“Oh no… no no no.” Taliana mumbled to herself, frowning. She had read about such things but it couldn’t be…
And James was heading their direction.
Taliana muttered some words she knew would have received harsh reprimand from both her parents, and quickly began working. Not just the threads, this called for something completely different. Duplication, in theory, should work. She simply had to shape the reality of the room to what she wanted, without it being clear that it had shaped…. easy, right?

Thoughts by Mello-Elo

Alore drifted with elitist elegance, her long neck bowing in acknowledgment of the guests we passed at the Ball. Their gasps did not go unnoticed and she paused, waiting for me to draw closer before whispering, “Why are they staring so? Is it the amulet that draws their attention?”

I nodded, smiling at the awkward glances of the older guests who obviously knew my bloodline. Dre’gons descended from their fire breathing ancestors with a mixed history of bloodshed and hatred. My ancestors were known for their unflinching cruelty towards other realms and the amulet had been used to wipe out usurpers daring to contradict the Dre’gon rule. The less than amorous stares were from the families who had tasted our wrath and I watched their anger at my presence. Alore was too young to know the history and her devotion to me would be lost in an instance if…

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