Weekend Coffee Share: Christmas Weekend!

If we were having coffee I'd invite you to join me by the Christmas Tree.  We like to decorate in my house - so there are actually two trees in public spaces (and two of us have decorated trees in our bedrooms), plus the Christmas Village, and the decorations in the windows, and the lights … Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share: Christmas Weekend!

Weekend Coffee Share – Winter Weather, AGAIN!

If we were having coffee we'd be hunkered down while the snow is falling outside.  This being the Portland-Metro area, we aren't really equipped for this kind of weather so, while there is only a few inches out there, the roads are icy and slick, and it isn't terribly safe to be out and about. … Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share – Winter Weather, AGAIN!

Passionate Geek: Super-Comic-Christmas!

Background Artwork by Rose B. Fischer

This month's Passionate Geek is Robin!  Robin Rivera trained as a professional historian and worked as a museum curator. She writes young adult thrillers and her blog is Write On Sisters. Or you can find her on Twitter at @RobinRWrites. Robin has posted about her love of comics for us before with another seasonally appropriate … Continue reading Passionate Geek: Super-Comic-Christmas!