If We Were Having Coffee — Birthday edition! (#23)

If we were having coffee I'd be happy that I get the chance to involve you in my holiday celebration! ┬áIt's been a buy weekend, and I'm having just a moments down-time before heading on to the next pieces of celebration. I've had two yummy breakfasts out, hit three vineyards for wine tastings, got a … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee — Birthday edition! (#23)

You’re Invited! An Unbirthday Adventure!

The Season has fallen a bit apart in the past month -- a live and learn situation -- but there is an event that I intend to still undertake, and I need participants! After the great fun (and I think success) of the (first annual) Masquerade Ball, it is time for another party/blog-hop. January 15th through January 21st … Continue reading You’re Invited! An Unbirthday Adventure!

Holiday Traditions

This season is full of traditions. Regardless of what holiday(s) you may celebrate (or not), there are a myriad of traditions. I celebrate Christmas, and there are most certainly traditions wrapped up with that holiday. Some of these traditions I love, some I'm not so fond of. One of the things that I love when … Continue reading Holiday Traditions