Compassion – Reflecting on #1000Speak

On Friday (and over the weekend) I participated in the 1000 Voices For Compassion campaign.  I’ve been a relatively quiet voice in the group, but have been following and listening for about a month.  Watching as it grew from a small collection of bloggers to having over 1,400 members on the Facebook group.  Friday was … Continue reading Compassion – Reflecting on #1000Speak

If We Were Having Coffee #29. Magic, Kindness, and #1000Speak.

If we were having coffee I would want to tell you all about the show I saw last night!  It had been a rough week at work, and I've been fighting a cold again, so spent most of the week either working, traveling to and from work, or sleeping. Last night, though, I went with … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee #29. Magic, Kindness, and #1000Speak.

#1000Speak: Celebrate Compassion

 Celebrate compassion, even when it is a challenge. Today bloggers around the world are coming together to talk and blog about Compassion.  Find more on Twitter through #1000Speak, on Facebook, the blog-hub, or the Linky-List of participating blogs. Join us today as we try to flood the internet with a focus on compassion. Compassion. Kindness. … Continue reading #1000Speak: Celebrate Compassion