Weekend Coffee Share: Is that Sunshine?

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I actually started to write this post a week ago, and never got past the title. It’s been a bit of a rough week – just a lot going on, a lot of thinking on my part, and a lot of trying to get myself organized and put some things into place (it feels like I’m always doing that… but I do think that each time I try it does a little something!)

Next week is a busy week at my work, so I’m trying to spend this weekend getting things all set up so that the week can be a relaxing one outside of work. I’m hoping to do some sewing – which I haven’t gotten to do in a while – and also some editing and writing. I’ve missed doing my writing, and need to push myself to write more – be it blogging or fiction, the longer I let myself go without doing it the more challenging it becomes.

I’ve spent a lot of the week (and probably will spend more of the coming week) cuddling with the Midnight Monster.  While he’s returned to his usual, crazy, self (thank goodness! He took a while to get there and I was a bit worried), he’s also been a bit more willing to cuddle than he had before. I’ve been taking full advantage of that to steal some cuddle time. He’s got a great purr and I love when I get the chance to hear it!

I’ve been excited to see the sunshine a little more – even though we’re still getting plenty of rain (at least it isn’t snow?) there has also been some bits of sun which makes me super-happy! I am not a fan of super-warm weather, but I do like when I can wander outside without getting soaked.

What have you been up to in the past few weeks?  What does the spring have in store for you? Any plans?



Weekend Coffee Share is a weekly chance to check in with our blogging community.  Hop around the internet and enjoy the hospitality of this great community with a casual chat. Started by Part-Time Monster, and now hosted by Nerd In The Brain this is a lovely community and a fun weekly check-in. Check out the link-up, and feel free to join in the fun!



Time to re-evaluate… again

Hi again! 

Yet another week with no Monday Updates, No Weekend Coffee Share and – be forewarned – there may not be a “Power of Art” this week. Oh, and I’m not sure when the next Passionate Geek will come.

My life has been in a bit of upheaval,and I’ve been trying to etch out time to figure just what it is that I want to be doing with my time. There are certainly things I would love to be focusing on with the blog here – that’s one of the things that is definitely in the mix – but I haven’t been doing those things.

Some of the reasons that I haven’t been doing those posts…. that’s also something I would like to write about….

So I’m in a point where I’m going to give myself a little bit of a clean slate. There are non-blog projects that need my attention, and what I am blogging needs some actual attention. It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and really dug into a topic.

Representation Matters will be continuing, and I have a few other guest posts in the works (though the timeline for them is a bit in the air). I’ll still be aiming for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group posts each month, and more often than not I intend to participate in  Weekend Coffee Share.

However, Power of Art and Passionate Geek will appear on a less regimented schedule, and – hopefully – other content will start trickling in.

Spring Cleaning, of sorts.

Passionate Geeks: The Animals in our Lives.

Last week I realized I’d become a bit more of a cat-lady than I had thought.  Midnight Monster took off and was gone for 6 days – 6 days where I was a pretty major mess, and went to extremes such as waking up at 3 am to wander the area near my house to see if I could find him, and going out after work, out in the cold rain searching for him.

I love that cat, he’s become an important part of my life and things felt very different without him.  So I wanted to take this week to dedicate to the animals in our lives!

I asked my friends on Facebook to share their favorite pictures of the animals in their lives. Here are just a few!

I’d love to see what animals are dear to you!

Cuffy says “I am the commander of this ship!” in his best Gene Hackman voice

The grand-kitties of Corina of Wasted Days and Wasted Nights 

Crazy Mini Monsters!

Beardy Love

Tank of the Part-Time Monster family

His Royal Highness, Tank


Wilbur (Willie aka Chubby McChubs)
From the Write On Sisters family “Miss Marbles, I love how she holds her own foot.”
One of Allison Maruska‘s writing buddies
Jonsey of one Portland.
And a different Jonsey of another Portland!
Molly, the Miracle Cat – one of the much-missed cats that’s been in Corina’s life.

“Sometimes OakLeah is a model” (he has his own hashtag!)
Pip, who is still very much missed by Hodge and the family.
Zoe, miniature poodle.
Ziggy, poodle/schnauzer mix
Before & After Chewy’s adoption.
Chewy snuggled in bes
Leo! (Who now has to share Stephanie’s Instagram feed with baby Marcella).

“She’s looking pretty intense here but this is Madeleine, aka Maddie.”
This is Nari (on the left) and Dante (on the right) brother & sister 🙂

Mr. Noche and his favorite scratcher
Nerd In The Brains Frank
More, the loyal companion of Hannah, of Hannah Reads Books
Jubilee and her papa Blitzen
Merlin has his own tag over at Comparative Geeks
And so does Shadow


And, Finally, for now… Midnight Monster Cat, the day after he came home.


Weekend Coffee Share: Waiting

UPDATE: Saturday Night, 8pm…. Midnight got caught in the trap I set for him and is now home and safe!  So, my imagined coffee share later in this post can be real 🙂
Honestly I don’t even know how to write my coffee share post this morning. I like framing it like we’re sitting down and chatting, but my hope is that the situation is different soon than it is right now. As I write this it’s about 4 am Saturday morning and I am sitting on the ground of my front porch. Waiting and hoping. And it is not the first early morning watch I’ve kept this week..

 But, let me tell you the coffee time I’d like to.be having.

I’d like to say:

If we were having coffee I’d have a Midnight Monster Cat curled up on my legs. He had an adventure this week, but finally decided to come home this morning and now is safe and sound. Last Sunday we tried to go out in a new harness for some fresh air – but he did crazy cat acrobatics, slipped his harness and darted.

I spend the week searching and waiting and hoping. It was a rough week, I kept hoping he’d just come home and he kept not appearing.

I walked the neighborhood a few times,.I searched in yards and distributed flyers. I put his litter box and bed outside as I could (in breaks.from the rain) and I waited.and I worried.

And friends lent support, helped me search, said prayers, gave advice and shared stories of their own pet returns.

It’s been a rough week, and I haven’t slept much.

But Thursday there were two sightings. Both in, or right next to, my yard. Friday morning I put out food for him and it was eaten something between 4:30 and 5:30 am.

So Saturday morning I went out and waited. Quietly sitting and listening and watching.

And now, as we sit together for coffee I hope I am able to say that he has come home.

Weekend Coffee Share is a weekly chance to check in with our blogging community.  Hop around the internet and enjoy the hospitality of this great community with a casual chat. Started by Part-Time Monster, and now hosted by Nerd In The Brain this is a lovely community and a fun weekly check-in. Check out the link-up, and feel free to join in the fun!

Insecure Writer’s Support Group: Picking up old work.

This is my monthly post as part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, a great group of supportive writers, helping one another through our writing ups-and-downs.

There is also a great Facebook Community for more daily connection!  More posts from the group are tagged on Twitter at #IWSG.

March: Have you ever pulled out a really old story and reworked it? Did it work out?

March’s question prompt once again fits perfectly with what I’ve been reflecting on lately.  You see, the story I’m working on right now is just that, a really old story that I pulled out and began to rework. Through all the revisions and writing over the past few years I haven’t actually done the truly hard work of reworking things that need to be fixed.  For instance, the beginning.

When I originally wrote this story it was a NaNo novel – so the first three pages are a story being told. When I first wrote this it had been the story, but I reached a point where I decided that I wanted to turn into a piece of the story and thus it became a moment of storytelling within the novel.

However, that meant that you spent the first three pages getting into one story, only to be yanked out and dropped into something else. And, while the story being told is relevant to the larger story, the relevance isn’t immediately apparent. Basically, I knew in the back of my head that I had to change that beginning, but I never could quite bring myself to do so.  I just loved the way it was written too much to cut it.

Not to mention the ongoing question that kept nibbling away at me. What if it really is the best piece of writing in the novel? What if it’s really important to show this whole story – if I cut it will it destroy what I’m setting up?  This concern expanded beyond the initial storytelling segment. The whole first chapter bounced between point-of-view without a care in the world. From one person’s thoughts to another — it’s told in third person so it’s pretty easy for me to slip and bounce about. Some of the things that came from that were beautiful, they made me smile and I really loved them… but it was awkward to read and hard to follow.

So, finally, I’ve revised. I’ve had enough distance (and heaven knows enough anxiety and uncertainty) about what I was going to do with those segments that I was able to look at them more objectively, take into account those things that I’d written and changed as the story progressed, and take the steps to make the changes that need to be made.

I don’t know if the changes are really the right ones. And I continue to face stalls as I let life derail me from my editing. But, slowly, I am taking steps to another draft.

Monday Updates… life updates

Clearly Monday updates didn’t happen again this week.  They will return, eventually… there is so much happening and so much for us to do.  But my indoor-only cat escaped on Sunday, and I have been in no state to get much work done at all – particularly any work that requires brain power (I was able to do some cleaning at least…). I’ve been doing a lot of searching, and re-searching. A lot of walking around looking for any signs of him. A lot of worrying, and distributing flyers.  I don’t know how much writing of any form I’ll be able to get done until he gets home… though I am certainly going to try to get back on track for Insecure Writer’s Support Group this week… I had such an extensive “to-do” list for this weekend that has not been able to get done.

So… yeah.  I’m here-ish, but only a little as I adjust to this limbo-time of waiting to see if he is spotted or if he wanders himself home.

Weekend Coffee Share: Playing Catchup


Sorry I missed last weekend, things have been kind of rough and busy!

I’ve been fighting a monster-cold, it just seems to be hanging on for dear life and refuses to let go. I ended up taking some time off work last week in order to try and sleep it off, which helped a little, but it still is trying its hardest to drag me down. I’ll keep fighting it though – as much as I love the idea of sleeping all day for a few days in a row I just can’t keep it up if I hope to complete any other productive work.

Last weekend I also attended Wizard World Comic Con here in Portland as a vendor (running a Jamberry table). I’m working on a write-up about my experience to post over at Comparative Geeks, but it was a pretty cool experience, a lot of fun but super-exhausting for me!

This weekend I have plans. I’m going to dig my room out of the mess it’s become, which will hopefully include putting yet more items into the “I can get rid of this” pile. My aim is to get rid of enough of the clutter that I can actually work in the space I have… I’m also thinking about doing a little room rearranging again… my current arrangement is nice, but the desk I’m using isn’t really working for me, and my current set-up interferes with easy window access.  Since I’ll be getting a catio built this summer (which will also give me a place to sit outside just out my window!) I want to make sure that I can access it easily.

If I’m being honest, rearranging my room will easily turn into a full-weekend ordeal (it usually does) and I won’t actually get anything else on my to-do list done. But, I’m going to pretend that I will get other things done, because I like to pretend I can do ALL THE THINGS at once.

I have a long list of blog-posts I want to work on, both for here and to share on other blogs. I need to do some more Jamberry work (we’ve got a new catalog coming out March 1st so there’s all sorts of exciting things around that!). I desperately want to get back to the editing/rewriting of my Work-In-Progress which has fallen seriously behind any schedule I was trying to keep. And then there’s the reading, of course… so much reading that I want to do!

On Monday I’m taking Midnight Monster to the vet again, this time for a teeth-cleaning. At his yearly check-up/shots visit a few weeks ago they said his teeth looked mostly good, with just a little build-up on one side. I’m hoping I can get them cleaned this year and then not have to worry about it for a good long time. Since he absolutely refuses to eat wet food that bodes well!

Yeah… that was the other thing that took some of my time recently. After taking Midnight Monster to the vet early this month he developed a sneeze. I called them and they let me know what to look for, but it continued and seemed to increase so I took him in for a check-up (a person can only take cat-sneezes to the face so many times…). They gave me some supplements to give him, which helped a bit, but I also discovered that he’s learned a new trick. When he gets really scared or upset (which seems to happen when I put him in his crate and start the car) he sprays. Ick ick ick… I’m hoping to find a way to avoid this on the way in to the vet on Monday…. And I am just super-thankful that he doesn’t spray any other times but, ugh.

So, how have you been? What have you been up to? Any plans for the coming week?


Weekend Coffee Share is a weekly chance to check in with our blogging community.  Hop around the internet and enjoy the hospitality of this great community with a casual chat. Started by Part-Time Monster, and now hosted by Nerd In The Brain this is a lovely community and a fun weekly check-in. Check out the link-up, and feel free to join in the fun!

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