Can’t quite beat the heat, but at least you can have something cool to drink!

We’ve had a few hot days in Maine this summer.  Not as hot as some places in the country, but still, hotter (and more humid) than I care for!

This sign tends to run closer to what I think must be the "feels like" temp... still... way too hot for me!

I found myself really wanting some strawberry lemonade, something refreshing, cool, and a bit sweet.  And I have all these strawberries, that I’ve only used a little of, which still need to be put to use.  They’ve been taking up too much space in my freezer.

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Adventures in Camping, Part 3.

The Amazing Katahdin, over Sandy Stream Pond

Katahdin, “pulse of the great spirit”

On the way up to Baxter, we stop in the Ranger Station, located outside of the park.  They have a bunch of maps, a slide show about the park, and some books for sale.  This year I picked up a book, turned it over and read the back and said, “Hmm…I think I’d like this book.”  To which my friend, Erica, replied, “I think you’ve said that the past two years.”  I probably had… so I decided it was a sign for me to go ahead and get the book.  I haven’t gotten the chance to read very far in it yet, but in the Introduction, the author said something that struck a chord in me:

“In Katahdin many encounter the mystical.  Some consider the mountain sacred because its presence and its overpowering grandness guide them toward inner contemplation of the vital center of all being.  They are like pilgrims seeking the elemental heartbeat or pulse of the spirit.  This is the most awesome aspect to the Katahdin experience.  Native Americans call it the pulse of the great spirit.” (Katahdin: An Historic Journey.  by John W. Neff, Introduction, xxiv.)

From the first year that I went up to Baxter, I felt a deep connection to the land.  Though I have never climbed Katahdin, there is something about the land around it that calls to me, that stirs up something deeper within me.  It feels mythical and magical to me.  Being in seminary, and needing to do a lot more reflection and thinking about my own beliefs, this park seemed like the right place for me to explore some of these thoughts.  I still haven’t found the right words, or decided just what I want to say – so those thoughts are going to stay in my paper-journal for the time being, but here are some of the pictures of the natural beauty around my campsite and on the trails  🙂

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Camping Adventures, Part 2!

 Moose Madness!

See… moose!

One of the things that Josh shared in our “interview” was what occurred on a hike he and his mom took to Sandy Stream Pond (an easy hike from our campground).  One of the things he learned as a Junior Ranger was that you should stay at least 20 feet away from the moose (and other animals) and shoo them away if they’re in your path.  This news got put to use on his hike with his mom… they had to shoo away two deer, and then they saw a moose up close… in Josh’s words “I heard a moose peeing – which not a lot of people hear.  And I saw a moose with flies tornado-ing his butt, and they’re big… and even more big.”

I had my own moose encounter on the Sandy Stream Trail.  I decided to go out for a walk on my own during our second day, wanting to take some time to sit out on the Big Rock viewpoint and do some thinking and writing.  I stopped at the first viewpoint to see if there were any moose out in the pond – they love the water there and it’s a popular place to see moose.  On our first night we saw a bull moose out across the water and so I had hope that I could see another one.

Bull Moose from the first night – yay for the zoom on my camera.

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Camping Adventures, Part 1

Katahdin from one of the viewpoints at Sandy Stream Pond.

I just got back from a camping trip up at Baxter State park here in Maine.  It’s beautiful there, Katahdin is a gorgeous mountain, rising up from the area around it, and I always love my visits here.  This is my third summer spending a long weekend at the park, going up with some friends who have been camping at Baxter for years.

We were only there for two nights, but I have a lot to say – so prepare for a few entries (hopefully more than one a week) while I get it all out!  I have a lot of reflecting to do, plus, I have lots of pictures to share!

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Slight Teaser

Eek! It's a Moose!

I’m exhausted, and the heat is conspiring to make it difficult for me to concentrate, or even get my brain to work really.  I promise, soon, to regale you with stories about my recent adventures in Baxter State Park… but for now, enjoy this teaser picture – know that a story will soon follow!  I’m off to put more anti-itch stuff on my bug-bites (of doom!)

Something with Strawberries

So many strawberries can only mean even more berry-based creations on the way

I celebrated the 4th of July by going strawberry picking, and then creating a dessert with some of them.  I wanted something chocolate, with the strawberries, and maybe that could use the “Cream Filling” recipe that I found in an old cookbook.  My answer to these cravings: Mini Chocolate pies, with custard and strawberries – of course!

Old recipe, from an awesome old book.

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Portland… on an apron

Confession:  I hate doing laundry.  It involves trying to gather clothes for a full load (to justify the money I have to spend), dragging the laundry bag downstairs (I’ll admit, I use the elevator… but I used to have to haul it up a hill, and I think that was like negative conditioning to want to avoid having to do laundry).  Then there’s having to wait for the machine to be done (paying attention to the timer and not being able to really get involved in anything while I wait), and then haul it all upstairs… then I have to fold and sort and put it away.  Sigh….

So, why am I sharing this?  Because I realized that I also am messy when I cook (I was always a fan of Big Messy Art…) and my clothes keep getting flour, sugar, and frosting on them.  Not to mention, I like to wipe my hands on my pants, or skirt, or whatever I may be wearing.   Which means more laundry trips.

So, I decided it was time to find myself an apron!  Having limited funds, it made sense to sew something.  And I’ve been somewhat inspired by a blog I’ve started visiting : New Dress A Day, and wanted to try my hand at some styling of my own.

I’m bad at following patterns, or planning my sewing work ahead of time – so I can’t really share, well, what I did in order to make this lovely, unique apron.  But here’s my attempt:

What I used: I have a lot of random t-shirts floating around, and so I took two of them to re-purpose. Continue reading Portland… on an apron

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