Ways to give me a heart-attack..


This is what greeted me when I booted up my computer after a weekend away from it.  Life has been put on hold while I figure it out.
So my post for the day — back things up.  Always.  Everything.  As much as you can.
I am in process of trying to fix and salvage.  And luckily all my writing is backed up (at least, all writing from the past few years).  But pictures and music are somewhere on here.  Hoping for the best…


What!? Talk about acceleration! Time to celebrate!

In the not-so-distant past (2 weeks ago… seriously, two weeks ago?) I remember sitting at my computer, obsessively checking my blog stats (because, as much as I hate to admit it, that’s a thing that I do entirely too much), and realizing that, somehow, I was nearing 40 “followers.”   40!  And many of those were people I didn’t actually know in real-life, people who had read my blog, and decided it was worth continuing to read even though they didn’t know me in person.

And then I wrote this poem, and someone decided it was worthy of being Freshly Pressed.  And suddenly, everything exploded.  Before the day was done I had surpassed 100 followers, and then it kept climbing… and climbing… and now, now I have nearly 400+!  And I am astounded.  According to the map my blog has been viewed in something like 82 countries, and has had over 3,000 views.  I’m not a numbers person — I tend to forget them, and put them together wrong — but I know that those numbers are pretty awesome.  At least, they sound it to me.

But, I also feel like I’ve bypassed some things. Because this all came so quickly (and at a time when I was unable to focus as much attention on the blog as I would like due to life circumstances), milestones that I would have celebrated (like my 100th follower), milestones that I didn’t Continue reading What!? Talk about acceleration! Time to celebrate!

In which 100 pages becomes 300 words…

I have written a 25 page term paper, a 100+page MA Thesis, a sermon, and a time-travel fiction about this man.   And I keep playing with ideas for an article about him.

Plus I have about a kazillion additional pieces of research I want to do, side papers I want to write, etc….

Now watch as I condense it all into a 300 word (exactly!) flash-biography in response to this weeks Daily Post Challenge!  (and, yes, that counts the footnotes… though not the “Bibliography.”)

Few know the name Sebastian Castellio, but his writing influenced future generations around the issue of tolerance.

Born in 1515 to a catholic, peasant family, he worked Continue reading In which 100 pages becomes 300 words…

Meandering Plot — Is There a Right Way?

I wonder if one of the reasons I struggle with plot within a story is because I have a hard time seeing a clear plot in my own life.  For the past few years I’ve been describing my personal journey as a winding path, one that sometimes turns back on itself to avoid boulders in the path, or in the form of switch-backs to help climb those steeper segments, one that passes through forests, into open fields, and then back into dense woods — sometimes with a clarity of direction, sometimes without.

Life doesn’t follow a typical plot line, it is far more complicated than that, so why should my stories confine themselves to a plot line?

The semi-typical Plot Line.  AKA:  The bane of my writing existence.
The semi-typical Plot Line.
AKA: The bane of my writing existence.

Remember the plot-line?  The basic outline that a story should follow, with the introductory information or starting point, a turning point or “inciting incident”, rising action, perhaps a few mini-climaxes, the ultimate climax of the story, falling action and resolution?

Yeah, that thing… I hate those things.  Always hated Continue reading Meandering Plot — Is There a Right Way?

When the characters start talking….

When the characters talking, and I really should be sleeping, it can be problematic.  Luckily, there was also laundry that had to be done, so I would have had to stay awake anyways…

However, I think I am making progress on the story (which started with Ayrella‘s introduction), and could, plausibly, be in a place to share more of the story in a few weeks — depending on just how those weeks go.

So that begs the question… I never intended to try my hand at a serialized story on this blog, but I can see plenty of reasons to give it a go.  Also, plenty of reasons to not…
So why not throw it out to my readers.  What do you think?

I am envisioning something that would be updated maybe twice monthly, maybe a little more than that, we’ll see how it maps out.  And after things post I would categorize them such that you could read the whole thing in one chunk.  Perhaps even adding them to a static page in the intended order.  Since it is four stories that wind around one another, I’m also playing with the idea that you could then read one individual’s story all the way through, on its own.  Really, the more I think about this story, the more excited I am about trying to present it in this format.  And now that Callie and I seem to have finally come to an agreement, tentative though it may be, on how to work together, I kind of want to reward that 🙂

So, poll time!

Balancing Confidence (Watching the Ego)

Jodie Llewellyn recently wrote about confidence in writing, which got me thinking.

I vacillate between having too much confidence in my writing, and not enough.  In my comment to the post I noted that one of the things I think I lack confidence in is my ability to take my ideas and translate them well to the page.  I know that I have the ability to write well, and I know that some of the ideas I have are good ideas, but I feel like perhaps I am going to lose something in translating the ideas onto the page.  And I get very nervous about sharing what I have written with others.  This blog is proving to be a good exercise in trying to break through that fear.  Though, I have to admit, I am still cringing Continue reading Balancing Confidence (Watching the Ego)

Disparate Threads – Ayrella’s introduction

I have thought about sharing this for a time — months, really.  And today I’ve decided to go ahead and share it.  It’s a first draft, part of the opening chapter of one of the projects I’m working on.  Working title:  “Disparate Threads.”

(For an out-of-story glimpse at Ayrella and the others she interacts with, check out my exploration of what is happening when the story-writing stalls out)

Ayrella stood on the edge of the cliff, her eyes turned to the rocks below. The ocean raged, energized by storms brewing miles away, hurling the blue-green water against the rocks with such force that a spray of foamy-white mist roses halfway up the cliff’s face. But aside from the waves there was no sign of storms. It was strange, Ayrella reflected, that the ocean could be in such turmoil and the shore could be so perfectly calm. A gentle breeze lifted just a few strands of hair away from her face and gently ruffled her skirt. The sky was a pure, clear blue that allowed the sun to shine clearly, warming her face.

She wanted it to be stormy, with a wind that would blow her long brown hair all around her face and tangle her skirt. She wished for the downpour of rain that would soak her clothing, adding the physical weight of heavy clothes that would make it a challenge to take even a few steps. Lighting, cracking through the darkened sky, sending bits of light and excitement through the air — that was the weather that should have filled the day. That was the way the weather should have been over the past month, if she had been able to control it. Continue reading Disparate Threads – Ayrella’s introduction

A bit of this, a bit of that, the meandering thoughts of a dreamer.

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